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15 Australian Small Business Blogs to Follow

When I was a child, I was inspired the love for business from my parents. It grows bigger and urges me to become a businessman as today. Of course, I am keen on following different business blogs and updating daily news.

I choose Australia blogs as my passion because they are closer to our national culture and all blog authors are very friendly. Furthermore, through these blogs, it makes me successful in deciding how to develop my business.

Occasionally, they are simple stories about life or stories with humor. They all made me feel interesting and valuable. That is the reason why I’ve put together a list of my favorite small business blogs that I read on a regular basis and those that I think you should consider and will enjoy reading.

All of these blogs rank high positions in Australia charts. I hope that my suggestions will inspire you to do your business better and better.

Here is my list of top 15 Australian Small Business Blogs to follow!

Warnings: I believe that these blogs are worthy reading and you will not regret precious time to follow many valuable articles.

1. Bluewire Media

The Bluewire Media is regarded as one of the most well-known blogs in implementing “web strategy system”. Its fields major in a variety of digital marketing such as Web Strategy, Web Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Training Courses, Social Media, Inbound marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Speakers. Moreover, following this blog will drive you to a great opportunity of enjoying Toby Jenkins and Adam Franklin articles. They are 2 founders of Media blog and play a role as 2009’s list of young entrepreneurs – Smart Company’s Hot 30 under 30.

2. Small Talk

If you are having difficulty in your life, try to enjoy some interesting topics from Small Talk & Co because of subjects related to successes, failures and inspirations. This blog is built-up from creative and experienced entrepreneurs all over the world. Their contribution comes with honest interview articles and great responsibilities to the blog. Another surprising factor is the young admin of blog, Kelly, features business and individuals she love and admire in her content.

3. Posse

Once this blog has appeared, it changes people mind so much in reflecting true stories about moral challenges. Rebekah Campbell, who is known as an honest blog author in delivering all valuable lessons from starting time. Besides, it collects all friend recommendations, places we want to visit or supportive guidance for our local business. In addition, it is a great choice for you to acknowledge yourself about any problem with new technology.

4. Dissolve

Dissolve blog mission is a great and reliable suggestion for a corporate insolvency. If you are a businessman and may have to deal with risks and challenges, following this blog supports you so much in solving many problems. They vary to vary from corporate insolvency and liquidation, personal liability of company directors to common misconceptions. By updating the exact quantity of companies collapsing in Australia, it helps give you advice to avoid personal liability.

5. Failing with Fortitude

With the role as a master in knowledge, Leanne Faulkner plays an important role in guiding helpful and meaningful advices on Failing with Fortitude blog. He represents his honesty experience in doing business. Therefore, it inspires people to hold the key of success on their hands to become an excellent entrepreneur.

6. Copywrite Matters

It is an intelligent tool for media marketing. More specifically, Copywrite Matters comes with helpful tips to make your business become a centre of attraction. Writing better copy is a typical responsibility of this blog. Therefore, it makes your copy attractive and converts as well. This blog is set up based on a group of copywriting master class.

7. Naomi Simson

Naomi Simson is very awesome for many reasons. She is Red balloon founding director, author, speaker, blogger, LinkedIn influencer as well as “Shark” on shark tank Australia. In business field, she offers valuable and motivational guidance in doing business. Furthermore, people are relaxed by her daily hits related to her memorable moment, even the day she was turned down by Richard Branson. How wonderful it is!

8. Market Economics

This blog is set up by Stephen Koukoulas, who is regarded as an excellent economist and an economic adviser to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. If you want to update the news about economic data and government policy, let have a look at this blog. Besides, because of owning an analysis business, he shares ideas about important factors of macroeconomics. Thus, you will have your own opinions about becoming a great entrepreneur.

9. Safety at work

I am a big fan of following all interesting articles on Safety at work blog. It is an efficient tool in realizing updated policies related to health and safety workers compensation. By updating news regularly on blog, it gains trust and belief of many businessmen, especially small business, which often comes with few staffs.

10. Lush Digital

If you have not owned a wonderful logo for advertising your company names to marketplace, do not worry. The appearance of Lush Digital blog is a great solution for online marketing. It depends on the combination among international journalists, content marketers and media experts in a quick and direct way.

11. The savage truth

The savage truth is a typical sample of a successful blog with a huge number of more than 30,000 Twitter followers. This is based on the fact that Greg Savage, founder of Firebrand Talent Search Company, represents his great success on the blog. Thanks to this blog, people can have the shortest way to improve their hiring process in a comprehensive method.

12. Kat’s Insight

In this blog, Katrina has shared her ideas about retail, telecommunications, big data and budgeting. It is very efficient in giving readers great solutions in running their business. Furthermore, this is considered as a friendly blog in delivering immediately latest posts to your inbox.

13. Design school

In case you do not know how to express your creation in a right way, Design school blog will help you deciding how to match text with images, work well on social media or stay creative. It is also a suggestion for artists, designers and other creative groups.

14. Styling By Bree

This site shows what an interior designer working from home in Melbourne. Bree Steele helps her clients with their decor designs and interior decorating. It will give you some great ideas on working from home businesses

15. Coping with Jane

This is very friendly blog in making all companies feel out-standing from other rivals. On her blog, Jane Copeland shows many efficient ways to set up personal brands with the support of lively videos. She is known as a strategist in encouraging women to become great leaders.

I will continue to add more of my favorite small business blogs to the list over the year!