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15 Australian Female Bloggers to Follow

Interested to learn how to run your own successful blog, or how to take your current blog to the next level? There are hundreds of Australian bloggers that are killing it online, adding value to readers and making the internet a better place!

If you have a passion for a particular topic and just need a little inspiration on how to turn that passion into a thriving personal blog, the 15 bloggers featured below are “must-follows” for you!

Although an incredibly tough thing to do, I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 Australian Female Bloggers to Follow. Take a look at how these bloggers are doing it and you’ll be sure to pick up some success tips.

Note > the 1 to 15 list is in no particular order, just for reference! I couldn’t possible split them! 🙂

1. The Hungry Australian

Christina Soong is a writer, recipe developer, photographer, a food stylist and a blogger. Her blog Hungry Australian won best food blog.

You can find all her talent put to good use on her blog. Her blog is very well written, with perfect grammar. Christina began to work on her writing skills in her teens when she started to write for the University student’s newspaper. She is really engaged with her audience on her blog and provides consultancy services as well. Take a look!


Anna is a writer and social media strategist and is getting her first book published this year. She likes to write about ‘brains and books and books about brains.’ Her writings are beautiful, complete with personal opinions and unique experiences.

3. Naomi Simson:

Naomi Simson is a blogger and an entrepreneur. Her blog is about her journey as an entrepreneur and what she has learned in between. She gives advice with her own personal or business experiences. She is also the founder of a gift website, Red Balloon. She is the author of ‘Live what you Love’ and has also starred in ‘Shark Tank Australia’.

Follow her blog and who knows you might catch being happy along with learning a tip or two in your entrepreneurial journey.

4. Small Talk:

What I really like about this blog is that it features such a wide range of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Keely Malady conducts interviews of businesses and individuals highlighting their products and successes so it’s a great way to get inspired on your entrepreneurial journey.


Rebekah Campbell is honest and inspiring tech entrepreneur. She writes in a very intriguing manner and when you visit her blog, be sure to read her ‘About Me’ page. Rebekah is an entrepreneur since her childhood and founder of Posse.

6. Zanita:

Along with modelling and blogging, Zanita has tremendous interest in photography as well. She is an upcoming blogger who has already made a place for her blog among established brands of fashionistas. Her eclectic personal style and amazing photography are one of the reasons her blog has an immense following.

7. Socially Sorted:

Donna’s blog is very focused in her niche, a perfect example of a social business blog. Donna is a social media strategist and visual marketing specialist. Her blog has consistently made it as a finalist for the Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs. For latest tips on social media do follow her blog, she has some great advice for you.

8. Polkadot Bride:

Polkadot Bride is Australia’s most loved wedding blog. It features posts on brides all around the world and is a perfect example of how to become “the blog” in a niche. Well worth paying close attention to the way the blog is put together, monetizes and engages the community.

9. Planning With Kids:

Nicole Avery is a mother to 5 beautiful kids and her blog, Planning with Kids, shares tips and tricks to organise a chaotic life with kids. She shares her personal experiences and what she has learned from others on this amazing blog.

10. Mama Mia:

Mamamia is the largest independent women’s website in Australia. Mia Freedman started this blog in 2007. It basically started as a blog where Australian women, mainly mothers, could talk about their lives truthfully. But now it covers news, opinion, personal stories, smart and funny stuff, and a lot of other things. It truly is an Australian blogging success story.

11. They All Hate Us:

Two best friends Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson share a common love for fashion and a common blog, They all hate Us. Tash is a buyer and head of womenswear for a leading youth retailer in Australia and Elle is a visual merchandising manager for an Australian swimwear label. This blog is a great collection of what they love and who they are. A must follow blog for timeless fashion.

12. Wholesome Cook:

Polish-born Australian blogger Martyna launched her blog because of her love for food. This blog is a place where she explores her passions of cooking, food styling and photography. She shares natural and mostly additive-free, sometimes vegan and allergy-friendly recipe ideas on her blog Wholesome Cook.

13. Women Love Tech:

Women Love Tech is one of the most followed lifestyle technology blogs in Australia. Frederique Bros designed this blog for women who have busy lifestyle so that they can find everything they need in one place. It shows best apps, smartphones, websites, blogging tips, cool gadgets and product reviews, all at the same place to make your life easier. It makes technology easy, interesting and fun for modern women.

14. Gary Pepper Girl:

Nicole Warne has commendable talents in the fields of fashion, social media, and e-commerce. Her blog shows her work as a model, stylist, social media and brand consultant. Nicole started small with this fashion blog and a small e-bay store, but she quickly realised her passion and what started as a small hobby quickly became her passion and full-time work.

15. The Interiors Addict:

Jen Bishop is the author and editor of Interiors Addict. Despite no “official” design qualifications, Jen has a serious love of all things decor and homewares. What she lacks in official design know-how, she makes up for with genuine passion for her subject, the ability to write and bring to life other people’s stories, and an eye for a bargain. Jen believes everyone should get joy from their home, whatever their budget and whether they rent or own.

Wrapping Up:

There you have it, 15 Australian female bloggers that are exceptionally well online. Visit the blogs, subscribe to their newsletters and follow on social media to learn how these pro bloggers are succeeding online.

Did I miss your favourite Australian blogger? Let me know in the comments below!