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Post COVID-19 work from Home Jobs

Many people have lost their jobs in Australia since COVID-19; some have lost entire businesses altogether. The changing needs of society as a whole mean that many new and different types of businesses are being built from scratch as we’re all trying our best to adapt to the new normal.

But with the right knowledge base and skill set, you can offer your consultancy services, build a home-based consultant business, and make for yourself an income stream right inside your very own home. The best consulting home business ideas for 2021 offer these in-demand services.

Career Coaching

Being a career consultant means that you get to help individuals make wiser career choices. It means that you get to work with clients of all ages and help them make some life-changing decisions. These decisions can help them start anew or advance their existing careers.

As a career consultant, one of your main responsibilities is to help individuals assess their current situation. If they’re looking for a job, you can help your clients prepare resumés and cover letters. You can assist them in the job search and serve as their interview and negotiation coach. If they’re looking to get promoted, you can help them build their network, recommend needed training, and provide some outside perspective.

The good thing about career consultancy is that it doesn’t matter if the economy is doing well or otherwise – career consultancy is always an in-demand service. When the economy is doing great, people seek out career consultants to help them take advantage of the economic boom. When the economy is down and many are losing their jobs, more people seek the advice of career experts to help them make the most out of an undesirable situation.

Writing Consultancy

Book writers need consultants to give valuable and objective feedback for both fiction and non-fiction works. Business writers need consultants to check reports and memos. Blog writers need consultants for ideas and timely blog post releases. College applicants need consultants to help organize their thoughts and improve their college application essays. Consultants for the written word are always in demand.

Individuals and businesses seek out writing consultants for a lot of different reasons, so you need to figure out where your expertise lies. It’s easy to turn writing consultancy into a lucrative income stream – you just need to find the right clients. Most writing consultants have formal education in the field they’re working in. If it’s a highly technical field, professional working experience may be required too. You should also have a working knowledge of the various writing styles, techniques, and processes, as this flexibility will allow you to work with more clients.

Event Planning & Coordination

Many event planners and event consultants are used to working from home to some extent. As an event consultant or coordinator, you get to be a part of planning events however big or small and however grand or simple they may be. People come to you for valuable event input, ideas, and direction.

Event consultants usually plan and execute weddings, meetings, parties, conferences, and many other types of events. For the years to come, virtual events may soon become commonplace. It may sound a whole lot easier than planning events in the traditional way. After all, you may not have to deal with venue managers, caterers, interior space decorators, and other businesses.

However, virtual events can be more difficult to plan as they can be more prone to technical issues and other mishaps. Virtual event consultants may also be tasked with marketing, promotion, and acquisition of software applications relating to the event.

There are also lots of changes as to how people will be holding events in many parts of the world. Event consultants wanting to pursue their careers and continue providing their consultancy services need to be aware of these changes and the requirements to hold such events.

Sales & Marketing Consultancy

The increase in new businesses that have cropped up since the beginning of 2020 means that there are so many more businesses needing to promote, market, and ultimately sell their products, ideas, and services. This also means that there are more jobs for sales and marketing experts!

Sales and marketing consultants can help business owners succeed by helping them with branding, advertising, research, and promotion. As an expert, you can teach business owners strategies that can help develop their products. You can also recommend the proper ways for them to reach out or respond to their clientele. You make sure that the product, idea, or service they offer reaches the right audiences and gets as many leads as possible. Many modern sales and marketing consultants have social media management skills, website and graphic design skills, and copywriting skills.

Home-based and small-scale business owners rarely have professional experience or formal education in sales and marketing. These are the usual clients of start-up home-based consultancy businesses. As you build your network, the number of businesses needing your expertise will grow too!

IT Consultancy

Businesses need IT experts from a lot of different fields for a lot of different services: data analytics, software development, software management, database management, software acquisition, network security, and so much more!

IT consultancy is a great idea for a home-based consultancy business, as IT expert skills are always in demand. Both physical and virtual services need IT experts to ensure the security, speed, and relevance of their software technology systems. Your expertise in any field of IT can be valuable to businesses, and you just need to find the right type of business to market your services to. IT is a highly technical field, so businesses often look at a consultant’s expertise, experience, and track record.

Is a Home-Based Consulting Business a Good Idea?

Home-based consultancy businesses are definitely a good idea, and it doesn’t matter if you’re planning to scale or not. You can make use of your expertise and offer your consultancy services to individuals, teams, and whole businesses from the comforts of your home. You can work alone or put together a team of experts from similar or different fields too!

Bonus: Other Consulting Home Business Ideas to Consider

  • YouTube and video marketing consultancy – Help vloggers and content creators expand their audiences and build a better online presence
  • Health and wellness consultant – Help people lose, maintain, or gain weight, recommend exercise and wellness regimens, and teach holistic health management
  • Personal finance consultant – Help individuals get organized so they can manage their finances and better prepare for their future and retirement