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User Guide Guest Post Conditions

Thank you for your interest in guest posting.
Please read our guest posting criteria below and our prices before submitting a piece for consideration.


  • Pre-approval from our editorial team on blog topic and general site outline.
  • Well-written, high-quality content. Please proofread your article before submitting to our editor.
  • Original content. Your article cannot be reposted on your own blog (although you can promote it as much as you want) or other websites. We check every content submitted for plagiarism.
  • Same thematic: Before sending your guest post proposal, check if it fits in our website’s thematic.


  • Self-promotional pieces
  • Posts with too many links that expose our website to Google penalties
  • Duplicate content
  • Repetitive content: if it’s a topic we’ve already covered, you must have a fresh angle or new information to add
  • Articles not in the same thematic as our websites
  • We do not accept links from low domain authority because linking to low-quality or low domain authority websites can hurt the link-hosting website’s rankings.
  • We don’t publish lists of tools, equipment or accessories.


  • All content needs to be informational. We especially like articles that focus on tangible takeaways that will help the readers become better at what they do, especially when it comes to gardening, upcycling, recycling, home decor. Think, « How to … »
  • Our readers also appreciate « best-of… » articles


  • Before submitting a full post, please send us a working title and a short outline of what you plan to cover (a few bullet points, plus the major takeaway)
  • If you already have the article written for approval, please send it


These points are in place for two reasons; to maintain the level of authority on our website so we can continue to provide quality content and links; and so that your post has the best possible chance of reaching our community and sending traffic and authority back to your website.

  • The article must be Unique and MUST pass Copyscape
  • The article must be at least 1,000 words
  • We will only provide 1 link per post to your website.
  • Include authoritative 2- 3 links e.g. Wikipedia, Techradar, Cnet & PCWorld
  • Add 2-4 Images that are free to use with Creative Commons License & videos if possible.
  • After we publish your guest post you must not publish the same content anywhere else even your own blog.
  • Make sure the content is easy to read by breaking up large blocks of text and using subheads and lists where appropriate.
  • Every sentence should have a purpose. If it doesn’t add value, please remove it.

We charge a small amount of money for proofreading & Publishing your blog post.

Link Type
Price AU
1.     Free post – high quality 1800+ words
2.     Dofollow (1 link) – 1000 words
12 months
3.     Dofollow (1 link) – 1000 words
4.     Dofollow (1 link in existing post)


If you have other questions about our guest posting criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us to our email: support @ panda websites dot com dot au

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