greg gravHi there my name is Greg and I am the founder of Home Business Today.

My mission is to bring you the latest information on working from home jobs, home business ideas, news and advice to help you succeed with your home business or working from home office!

In short, I am a “work at home dad” and by that I mean I work during the day (and night) around whenever my 5  year-old tells me I can!

My introduction to business came at the age of 19, when my wife and I purchased a Health Club gym franchise. We worked our buts off and took out the group’s National Franchisee of The Year award in 2015, before being approached to buy into the franchise group as a whole in mid 2016 and drive the growth of the company nationally.

I exited the business as a shareholder in late 2013 and exited the business development role in 2014 to pursue online business interests that had flourished during the 2012-2014 period. I now devote my time to growing my online properties, providing online marketing consulting services to Australian businesses and running monthly internet marketing training courses for online entrepreneurs.

I am a contributor to Blogtrepreneur.com and founder of a Digital Agency and I’m active in the industry, I have experience in network marketing. My wife in fact is the top-earning distributor in her chosen network marketing company here in Melbourne, Australia.

All up, I’ve got over a decade of business experience across home business, franchising, online marketing and network marketing so I feel like I’ve got a broad depth of knowledge to share that can help you to make money from home and that is what I aim to share here at homebusinesstoday.com.au!

I hope you enjoy the articles!

Cheers Greg