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Some of the best Aussie Home Business Ideas around

If you are looking to start a home-based business then you are certainly not alone! Nearly 1 in 10 Australians are making extra money from home through a home business or side business.

In this article, we are going to show you the best home business ideas in Australia!

Why start a business from home?

Clearly, being able to earn money from home is a common reason for looking around at home-based business opportunities. But income aside, starting a side business has a range of other benefits including;

  • Freedom to work the hours you choose,
  • The ability to work business time around family commitments
  • Some people are drawn to the challenge of starting a business for themselves
  • The ability to earn more on a per-hour basis than working in a regular job is possible!

The list of benefits goes on, but starting a business from home makes a ton of sense!

Ways to Earn Money from Home

There are 4 paths that are available to you, including;

  • Making money online via the internet
  • Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Party Plan businesses
  • Consulting business where you are paid to provide a service to other business owners or companies
  • Traditional home based business opportunities where you sell products or services to customers

Best Home Business Ideas

View our helpful home business quick start guide below for business ideas, where to get more information and approximate costs to get started.

Business Idea
Resources To Learn More
Equipment/Items To Get Started
Approximate Cost To Get Started
Online Marketing Consultant
Computer, Internet, training program to learn
$500 - $3000
Computer, Internet, Accounting Programs
$1000 - $50,000 (if you buy into a franchise)
Cleaning Services
Cleaning equipment
$500 - $50,000 (if you buy into a franchise)
Sell Goods at Markets & Online,
Crafts/goods supplies
$100 - $500
Network Marketing,
Phone & Computer with Internet
$50 - $500
Freelance Writing
Computer & Internet
$0 - $2000
Party Plan
Phone & Computer with Internet
$50 - $500
Offer Beauty Services
Beauty supplies, beauty room (may require renovations) phone, computer, internet.
$1500 - $10,000
Massage Therapist,
Massage table and supplies, massage room (may require renovations) phone, computer, internet, massage certification.
$2000 - $10,000
Personal Trainer
Fitness equipment, home gym space (may require renovations) phone, computer, internet, trainer certification.
$2000 - $10,000

Online Business Ideas:

Comprehensive overview of the best online business ideas from home

Home Business Today, How to make money with affiliate marketing from homeAffiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you simply match customers with product or service providers and make a commission for the referral when a customer buys. Affiliate marketing is usually done via the internet but does not always require you to have a website. You can do affiliate marketing all via email and there are plenty of training courses available.

Affiliate marketing all via email and there are plenty of training courses available.



how to start a blog as a way to make an income from home


This is a fantastic way to make extra cash and get your thoughts down on paper, well, on a computer screen at least! Blogging simply means setting up a website and then adding articles to it on a regular basis. You then network with other bloggers within the industry you are writing about and start to build a community of followers. Once you have a community and following built up, you can then monetize your blog through advertising, affiliate marketing or selling your own products!

How to start a website that makes money

Website Owner

Similar to blogging, you can make money by driving traffic to a website that you own and then selling advertising space to companies, building a list of email subscribers and promoting deals and offers or any other number of ways! It’s very cool!

 benefits of ecommerce platforms for home business start ups


Just about everyone in Australia makes purchases online. You can capitalise on this by starting a business where you sell products, or using eBay or Amazon to sell your products. You can even purchase an established e-commerce business and have a ready-made income right away or start one and grow it like this example.

We’ve covered more ways to make money online here.

Home Based Business Ideas:

Overview of the best home business ideas 2016 and 2017 that require less than $100 to get started

home based online consulting business ideas

SEO & Social Media Consulting

Social media is a booming industry and is only going to continue to increase in popularity. Companies both large and small are in need of social media assistance and are often happy to have an expert manage their social media presence part-time. There are plenty of social media training courses available and getting started is easier than you’d think! Similarly, with Google being such a valuable source of traffic for website owners, starting an SEO company is something you could also consider!

make money from home doing bookkeeping


If you are good with numbers then you will certainly be able to find yourself a handful of small businesses that don’t have time to keep up with their bookkeeping. You can do a short course to get qualified and then start providing this valuable service as a business.

making a home based income as a personal trainer

Personal Trainer

You can get qualified as a personal trainer in as little as 8 weeks and then you’re ready to start training clients for money. The cool thing about being a personal trainer is that the market demand is huge and it is something you can do without owning a fitness studio, but if you wish to switch to in-studio employment, there are plenty of options. For example, you can have clients train at your house, or go to them, or even train them in local recreational areas or parks.

starting a massage business

Massage Therapist

Much the same as becoming a personal trainer, you can pick up your massage certification quite quickly and then establish a home-based massage business for under $1000. Given that you can charge upwards of $70 per one hour massage, this can be a business that pays very well. Adelaide massage therapy business Bodyline Health International is a classic example of how a small business can grow to a substantial size business almost overnight! The business was founded by Adelaide mother Holly Hicks and now boasts massage businesses in Adelaide!

home business opportunities in the trade business

Get Qualified with a Trade

If you can handle doing an apprenticeship and are looking for a career that you can build from home at your own pace, you could even consider starting a part-time plumbing business, becoming an electrician or any number of other trades jobs. You can get fairly decent hourly rates and you can keep your business overheads quite low.

starting a home beauty business

Offer Beauty Services

Hairdressing or beauty therapy from home is another great option. The vast majority of females that you know will get their nails done or waxing on a regular basis. Why not offer them the chance to support a friend? Once again, start-up costs are minimal so this can be a high-profit business for you.


cleaning businesses are a popular way to make extra income from home

Cleaning Services

There are many people that are too busy to keep up with their household cleaning and have a bit of spare cash to pay someone to do it for them, so a cleaning business can provide you with a consistent flow of work and for the price of a few cleaning products, you can get up and running very quickly.


making and selling craft from home

Selling Goods at Markets & Fairs

On any given weekend there are dozens of fairs, fetes and markets going on in your area. You can source products online for cheap prices and then sell them at these community events for profit. Getting a stall at these events can be as low as $20 and usually doesn’t cost much more than $80 for regular community events. Often these events draw thousands of people so there’s money to be made!

Take a look at this business, The Joyous Baker, which started from home, selling at markets, now they sell online.



Starting a network marketing business from home

Network Marketing/MLM

This form of business allows you to become a Distributor or Representative of a company, sell their products and recruit other people to do the same. You’ve probably heard of household names such as Amway and Herbalife for example, but nowadays there are dozens of “new-age” network marketing companies that offer fantastic and helpful products for customers and the ability for people to build a network of distributors and make fantastic home-based income. InnerOrigin Australia, Nerium, Rodan & Fields, Kyani and Onecoin are 4 hot opportunities currently.



 direct sales opportunities for mums in AustraliaParty Plan

Party plan businesses are somewhat similar to network marketing businesses, though they tend to be much more product-sale focused and less focused on building a team of distributors. Tupperware and Thermomix are two well-known party plan companies that you can partner with.




25 More Work From Home Options!!!

Still looking for ideas to earn an income from home? Here are 25 additional ways to earn money from home in Australia!

Translation Services

This is a perfect job if you are multilingual. There are many companies that transact with people abroad, and not all can speak English. If you happen to be fluent in another language or more, then you can start earning big amounts of money by providing translation services. This job pays a lot, so you will be surprised at how much you can earn just because you know a foreign language.

Freelance Writing / Copywriting

You can do freelance writing, even if you do not keep a regular blog. Many websites look to hire people for good content as this will keep their target customers loyal to their websites. Ghostwriting or Copywriting is a great home based business job for freelancers who can forgo the byline. If you love playing with words, then make money out of it. You can also consider building your own website to promote your services.

University Application or Financial Aid Planning Consulting

Financial aid planners help people, particularly parents, find the most affordable price for their child’s college education. This career involves giving financial advise to parents and students who want to pursue college, filling out forms, and providing tips for college essay writing. It basically helps parents and students know the various financial resources available and how they can get the lowest possible tuition.

Gardening Instruction

If you love gardening, then you might want to share your techniques with others who want to try it. Make the most out of your green thumb by teaching about gardening. You can offer seminars in community colleges, local nurseries, recreation centers, and even in your own backyard. You can offer a class each month, tackling the different aspects of gardening. Your topics can be about preparing the soil, learning about perennials, planting flower beds, bulb planting, and so much more.

Gardening Business

You can grow orchids and sell them. It takes time to grow one, but this can be a great business idea if you do not mind investing time and effort on it. Orchids normally grow in tropical areas, but they can be grown in greenhouses or as houseplants. You can also consider offering floral arrangement services to local inns, wedding planners, hotels, churches, florists, and roadside flower sales.

Gift-basket Making

Gift-basket making requires creativity and resourcefulness. You can sell these baskets as is, or place small and cute items in them for gifting. You can also use decorative boxes, tins, or bags. Packaging is important in this job because it has to be attractive.

There has to be a proper arrangement and creative presentation. Take photos of your gift baskets and promote them through social media. You can also present your products to corporate offices and local shop owners.

Home Health-Care

There are many people in their senior years who live alone in their own homes. Most of them have trouble bathing, cleaning the house, and fixing meals. Your responsibility as a home health-care service provider is to send a qualified employee to help these people perform tasks at home. This is currently a rapidly-growing business, so check the legal requirements needed to put up your own and start earning money.

Mobile Spa Business

Mobile spas require low startup money. There is no need to pay for storefront operation costs like rent, maintenance, utilities, and insurance. You only need to hire massage therapists, hairdressers, and manicurists. Offer your services to people who do not have the time to go to a spa, but want to have some form of relaxation and/or beautification.

Medical Billing Business

Medical billing is when hospitals and doctors receive payment from health insurance companies. This business requires following up on claims and resolving any related disputes. You will do invoicing, coding, and collecting for various healthcare facilities. You can receive certification from schools with medical billing programs to get your business started.

Music Lessons for Kids

Music is a crucial part of early childhood development. If you have a musical background and are willing to share your talent with kids, then this might be for you. You can offer your services at kindergartens, daycares, and preschools. There might be a need for a free first performance for them to see how the students will interact with your music before hiring your services.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Business

Animal lovers might find this job interesting. They will get paid for taking care of other people’s pets. Cats and dogs are the most common pets that need care when their masters are away. Other pets that you will encounter are rabbits, birds, hamsters, and tropical fishes.

Paper Shredding and Recycling Business

Many businesses have tons of papers to dispose every day. However, it is mandated by law to keep important documents, particularly those that involve personal data, confidential. The towering papers will eventually become a hassle for companies, but they cannot just be thrown out in the trash. They can choose to invest in a costly heavy-duty shredder or just hire a paper-shredding service to dispose of the confidential papers properly.

Sewing/Clothes Alterations Services

Sewing is a great way to earn money if you love designing. You can create custom curtains or offer to produce products for companies to sell. If you love hand sewing and embroidery, you can put up your own quilt designing business or create gowns for customers.

Soap Making

A bar of soap usually costs 10 cents to make. You can sell it for a dollar or more. Many people have started purchasing all-natural soaps, which you can take advantage. Just remember that packaging is everything.

Business Plan Consulting

You can help aspiring entrepreneurs establish and maintain their own businesses. You can help them form ideas, set goals, and manage their finances. Market research is another service that you can offer to help businesses keep up with the competition.

Electronic-waste Management

People today would constantly change their electronic devices, from phones and laptops, to tablets and wearables. Unfortunately, many of them are clueless on how they can recycle and/or dispose their old electronics. You can help these people by letting them drop off their old devices at your home or have them picked-up by a courier, and bring them to an organization that does electronic waste recycling.

Time to Decide!

As you can see, there really are many different business ideas from home available to you. Take another read through the list of the best home business ideas for 2019 and find something that takes your fancy. Then the most important thing is getting started! Take action today and start to make a fantastic income from home!

Short on cash? Check out the helpful infographic below

Ways To Make Money From Home That Cost Under 100 Dollars