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7 Businesses You Can Buy and Run from HomeIf you are thinking of establishing a start-up, you should consider an option that allows you to work from home. This kind of start-up business in Australia will give you greater flexibility compared to setting up an office in a rental space or office.

You need to be highly disciplined to work effectively at home but the potential benefits are immense. Here are some 5 reasons why you need to establish a home-based business.

1. Reduced Commute Time

start-up based in your home allows you to reduce commute time significantly. This allows you to get more done in a day. Most people spend several hours a day getting to and from work. With a business in your home, it only takes a few minutes to get to a designated office area in the house. You can spend the time you would waste commuting on making money.

2. Potential Tax Advantages

Operating a home-based venture can allow you to enjoy some tax benefits. This is because you can deduct some of your household expenses such as maintenance, repairs, mortgage interest, utilities, and property taxes against the business income.

To enjoy this tax deduction, you have to use your home as your main business space. In addition, you will only be allowed to deduct expenses that are related to the business that you are involved in. It is also possible to carry forward some of the home office costs to succeeding tax years if your business income is not enough to accommodate the deductions.

3. Flexibility

One of the main reasons why you work from home is to enjoy increased flexibility. You can come up with a work schedule that suits your household needs. If you have a young family, you can choose to work very early in the morning or late into the night to allow you to dedicate adequate time for your children, partner, and other responsibilities.

You can take advantage of the latest communication devices including tablets, smartphones, and laptops to engage with business partners, suppliers, and clients at your convenience. With these devices, it is possible to engage with people in various time zones.

4. Low Business Overheads

When you have a home-based start-up, there are fewer operation costs compared to setting up an office in a different location. You do not have to pay rent or have separate utilities for your office space. When you work from home, you also reduce gas expenses and mileage on your car.

The reduced costs will allow you to offer products and services at lower prices compared to your competitors, giving you an edge in your niche. You can also choose to offer the same prices as your competitors and enjoy higher profits.

5. Freedom

If you are looking for a venture that will earn you some additional income, a home-based one gives you a safe alternative. This is because it allows you to explore several ideas without really worrying about high operation costs.

You can explore an idea before you put in a lot of money into it. It would be difficult to do this if you have spent several dollars to set up an office and hire employees because failure can be a financial disaster.

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