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How To Earn Over $100 An Hour As A Life Coach

Running your own Life Coaching Business has the potential to provide you with a very lucrative income.

Life Coaches typically average $130 an hour for their coaching, ranging anywhere from $100 to $300 an hour. Because coaching is very effective, significant results can often be achieved in as little as 30 minutes a week with you. If you were to charge clients $350 a month; which by the way is the international average for good coaches, you’ll work with your clients for about two hours a month, giving you an average of $175 an hour.

Being a Life Coach can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience as most who chose to become a coach want to make a difference and also enjoy helping others get the most out of their life. You’ll be working with people who really want to make a change and achieve their goals and are looking to you for support and help in keeping them on track.

As a Life Coach you will enjoy the rare freedom to work from really anywhere you choose, as you won’t need a dedicated office space. You could literally conduct your coaching session over the phone or Skype, so really you could actually be laying on the beach enjoying the sunshine as you’re coaching your clients.

While you’re coaching your clients you will also accelerate your own personal or professional development as you’ll want to continually be learning to sharpen and enhance the tools you’ll have at your disposal to help get your clients better or faster results. As your clients move forwards in pursuing and achieving their goals, then so will you. Iron sharpens Iron.

To become a Life Coach you don’t necessarily have to quit your current job, take 3 years off and become a full-time student. You can keep working and learn at your own pace taking anywhere from one year to three years… it’s solely and entirely up to you. Not only that,  but you could actually earn while you learn, with some starting coaching others within six months of starting their training program while others wait till they finish their training and start coaching and earning fees shortly after.

When learning coaching skills you will take your personal and professional development to a whole new level and may also later decide to branch out into other related areas such as becoming a Business or Performance Coach, writing a book, speaking to larger audiences or even developing your own training packages for businesses.