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5 Best Tablets for Home Business Work

Take a look around any Australian household and you’ll most likely see multiple computers, adults and children with tablets in hand and of course, one mobile device per person over the age of 12. The facts are that Australian’s have adopted mobile and tablet technology and without doubt, you’ll be looking to buy a tablet for someone in your family, perhaps this Christmas.

If you run a home based business, even if you are potentially buying that table as a gift for a teenager or child, it makes sense to pick up a device that is flexible enough to use for work and play. That way, you can work on it during the day and the child can play on it at night. Why buy two right?

Here are some of our best tablet recommendations specifically for business use.

  • Dell XPS 12. The brand Dell got a clever new take on its 2 in 1 combo. Although the new XPS 12 got its inspiration from the Surface Pro line, the Dell’s keyboard dock is certainly usable and is already included in the price of the slate. This replacement for laptop also supports the Active Stylus of Dell for digital inking. you can find out more with this detailed review.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. This model is always on the list and tabletreviewer.org rates it in their list of the best options for business use also. It is extremely light Android tablet is the newest challenger for iPad. The brand Samsung has manufactured an efficient alternative for Android with a resolution, aspect ratio as well as screen size to match the iconic iPad Air 2 of the class leading brand, Apple. But the best part of all is that its microSD card reader makes expansion process simply a breeze.
  • Apple iPad Pro. This is the largest that Apple has ever invented. The brand Apple takes the iPad into really different uncharted territory and has raised the bar since then. The iPad Pro’s optional accessories add extra cost to the tablet, yet the keyboard cover as well as the Apple Pencil stylus make the iPad even more well suited in terms of creative and business users. This iPad Pro also introduces Apple’s new feature which is the new split-screen multitasking.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This is the tablet that could be the best replacement for your laptop and comes highly recommended. Boasting with great features such as thinner design, higher resolution screen, and most especially—a move to Intel’s stronger and more powerful Skylake processors all assist in making this handy and portable tablet a very effective substitute for your laptop. But sad to say, the Type Cover keyboard remains to be still an optional but necessary need for this replacement for laptop.
  • Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. This laptop is impressively designed to handle or manage accidental spills. Very ideal for those users with clumsy fingers. The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet maintains its dust and water resistant capabilities of this line’s prior models, thus, making it a very good slate for those users with business purposes who might not need a totally rugged or tough-looking gadget. Plus, add in the keyboard dock, and this tablet becomes a versatile device ideal for writing some documents as well as composing emails when you need to.

Notwithstanding if you depend on iOs, Android or Windows, there is alway suitable devices available for you and it just takes a little online research to find the best, most flexible option for you and your family.