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The Benefits of Having a Live Receptionist in Your Virtual Office

There are lots of different reasons why small businesses and entrepreneurs should consider working from a virtual office. For one thing, it is cheap. The decision to operate from a ‘pay as you go’ workspace means that waste is effectively eliminated. You don’t pay for anything that you don’t use, because you’re not buying it outright. Ultimately, it belongs to you only until you don’t need it anymore.

It is also a quick and easy way for start-ups and home businesses to gain credibility. Whether fair or not, clients and customers tend to have significantly less trust in companies that they know aren’t working from a dedicated business address. On the other hand, establishing an independent office, right from the outset, is no easy feat. After doing some digging around, it appears to us that the Servcorp virtual offices in Perth offer the best of both worlds; affordability and authority.

At the AMP Tower and Brookfield Place, both in Perth, individuals and groups can take advantage of fully equipped boardrooms, personal workstations, state of the art computer software, and a live receptionist service. This last feature is particularly important, because it shows that virtual office providers like Servcorp are committed to delivering the best resources, even if this means combining live and virtual systems.

Keep reading to find out more about why having a live receptionist serving a virtual office can make a big difference to businesses.

Improves Business Image

As one of the biggest benefits of virtual offices is the freedom to be mobile, whenever it suits, there needs to be a way to stay connected. With the support of a ‘live virtual’ receptionist, it becomes easy to bridge the gap between office hours and time spent on the move. Virtual office packages provide a fixed business number, but live receptionists are able to transfer clients and customers from business to private lines.

This creates a seamless connection between the two and upholds the image of an efficient, contemporary business working out of a dedicated workspace. Plus, live receptionists are able to do more than just answer important calls. They can offer customised greetings, offer information about the company, and give details on key products. This degree of responsiveness and flexibility is very difficult without a physical presence on site.

No More Missed Phone Calls

There is zero chance of missing a call in a virtual office, because live receptionists are able to move unreciprocated calls to your dedicated post box, even if the lines are not free or a client is phoning out of hours. During office hours, multiple calls can be accepted and handled at the same time, without prioritising one over another or giving out busy indicators to callers. This helps smaller businesses save money, because it negates the need for extra resources.

It can free up your funds, keep your operation competitive, and give you a winning edge over market rivals. In this fast paced world, efficiency is everything. Success in business is all about learning how to be lean, nimble, and better at employing resources than the rest. A live receptionist can help you do this, because the service is 100% reliable. It provides an essential core of constancy, so that your company can afford to act flexibly.

How to Find High Quality Virtual Offices in Perth

As an example, Servcorp operates state of the art virtual offices all over the globe. There are two such facilities in Perth and they offer businesses of all sizes the chance to enjoy unrestricted access to cutting edge equipment, software, and resources. There are a number of different packages available, so you can choose a setup that best suits your objectives and ambitions.