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Make Money Online Writing eBooks

Thanks the growing popularity of e-reader devices like the iPad, the amazon Kindle and smartphones, the eBooks were never so popular.

Why writing eBooks can make you smart and easy money

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, you are an experienced writer or a complete novice, if you can produce the content that people want, you can monetize that content and build your business from it; you can certainly make money by writing an eBook, and many are already doing it, here is why:

High profitability – There is a hungry market of readers out there always looking for something new to read. The passive income you can make as an author has almost no boundaries. Some authors are making from a thousand dollars to more than ten thousand dollars per month!

Low producing costs – Unlike when creating a physical product, writing an eBook does not require big capital resources. You won´t need to produce and maintain an inventory, pay any shipment fees nor pay a rent or maintenance costs.

Work from anywhere – The only thing you need to work on you eBook is a laptop computer, giving you the freedom to work wherever you feel most comfortable.

Tips for writing an eBook that sells:

Choosing the right topic – When writing an eBook you have the freedom to choose any topic that you like or that you feel most comfortable with; because believe it or not, readers will know (as also admire and become loyal to you) when you write something with passion, it just shows. Also it will make the writing itself less of a struggle as it will be faster and you will actually be enjoying it, which is something good when you have the goal of making money by writing. Also make sure you research the demand or sales potential about the topic you chose before you actually start the writing; you don´t want to write a book that no one will care to read. A good idea would be to go the Amazon Kindle Store and look for book topics that are actually selling and see which adapt better to the type of genre that you want to write about.

Designing the Book’s cover – They saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover”, but in this case your cover can be a determine factor of how successful is your eBook will be. EBooks are usually displayed online with an image of the cover design, alongside the cover or other hundreds of books, so you want your book’s cover to be able to stand out from the crowd and leave an impression on potential consumers. In this case, unless you are a graphic designer, it might be better to hire a professional to do the job for you; it will be worth it.

Pricing: According to research, pricing an eBook at a price range of $2.99 to $5.99 American dollars yields the most profit for self-published authors. Another option is to set the price at 99 cents which could get you more downloads, but at the same time it may represent a poor price point for earning substantial income.

Marketing – Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn should be your best pals when doing promotion for your eBook. Social networks have the advantage of being both big and inexpensive marketing methods, although some old-fashioned PR is always welcome. Either way, you have to let people know you have an eBook to sell to them.  Also don’t forget to write a good description for your book, as this will be your chance to really sell your work, so write a compelling paragraph that grabs the attention of people. A good idea would be to include a sample, perhaps the first couple of paragraphs of your book as a way to engage readers.

Publishing an eBook, what are the options?

The next step is to get your e-book up in the net for people to purchase. Amazon has a great video and step-by-step guide to uploading your work, which is not by all means complicated. It’s also a good idea to utilize other available distribution options like the Apple iBook store, Barnes & Noble, the Sony Reader Store and others. For the Australian market specifically be sure to visit

Earning money with your eBook

So once you have written a great eBook, followed all the previous steps and tips you are ready to start earning some income from it, how much?  That will depend on the overall quality of your eBook. If people like it, they will certainly spread the word and things could go viral from there, and you never know, but it could become the next big hit.