Network Marketing

5 Daily Tasks for Network Marketing Success

What you do every day in your network marketing business is going to create short-term and long-term results. Some people might not get great results in the short-term, but in the long run, they may experience tremendous results! It’s abnormal for someone to have instant success, and it’s also normal to struggle.

It’s common to have a bad day, week, month, or even year in network marketing, especially in the beginning! Although it’s no reason to quit and give up!

As with any business, there are always going to be the bad and the ugly moments, but there will also be amazing victorious moments! It’s how you get through them and handle them that will help you run a successful network marketing business.

Below are five daily tasks that you can use to network and help you make more money in your business:

5-10 Conversations to do Every Day with your Contact List

Did you know that just starting a simple, caring conversation with five to ten people in your contact list every day can produce amazing results for your networking business? Start conversations with people that you have never talked to or haven’t talked to in a while. Here are some great conversation starters:

Wishing you a Happy Birthday

Everyone loves when they receive a kind, thoughtful note on their birthday on their wall, but I promise you that receiving a private message birthday message has a more caring feeling to it! The person receiving the message will feel thrilled that you took time out of your busy day to wish them a happy birthday – they love that they even passed your mind!

Ask, “How are You Doing?”

While you can randomly message people, it goes a long way if you put more thought into why you’re messaging someone. You don’t ever want to come across as salesy but rather kind and caring. Ask someone how they are doing, or if they are in business, how their business is doing! If you know someone has been going through a rough time with sickness or stress, reach out to them and let them know you care and are thinking of them – it will make their day!

Interact with Commenters and Groups on Social Media

If you pay attention to who’s liking and commenting on your social media posts, this is a great conversation starter, because, instead of replying to people on your social media in threads, you can send them a private message and strike up a conversation based a previous topic! You can also reach out to random people that are in the same groups as you.

Introduce Yourself and Ask About Them

If you reach out to someone who you haven’t talked to yet, take this opportunity to private message them, introducing yourself to them and also ask them about their life and business! Do NOT pitch your business until you have built some sort of relationship or unless they ask!

Do not overthink this – start five to 10 conversations each day. Building relationships doesn’t take much time at all! You need to learn to get better at communicating and be more proactive with starting conversations. Before you know it – you will be a pro!

Reach out to Strangers Daily

If you’re a network marketer, you need to reach out to strangers every day proactively. Always check in on your group chats, your Facebook groups and where potential clients and followers hang out. It’s your business – nobody’s going to build it for you! When you go to the gym, nobody’s going to do your pushups for you, so, unfortunately, it’s not going to happen in networking either. Nobody’s going to build your team for you. It’s up to you, and you CAN do it!

Follow Up Daily

The fortune is always in the follow-up. Being organized comes in handy! Start a follow-up book, planner, or spreadsheet, and whenever you meet with someone or share your business or product, make sure to always add them to it. Also, set reminders to remind yourself to follow up with those people. They don’t want to feel like just another number, and when you interact with them shortly after you talked or met with them, they will feel so special that you remembered them! And who knows – they may even be needing your product or business opportunity now or down the road! If you’re not exposing your products to enough people, you will not have enough leads. Think about that for a minute.

Be Caring, Not Annoying

Remember not to be annoying or spammy with your approach by following up with the same person every single day! That kind of approach will make you appear needy and desperate, and you don’t want that! There is a right and a wrong way to follow up – genuinely, and focus on making them feel important!

Grow Your Personal Development

Personal development should be a priority, and it does not matter what business you’re in!

If you go through the numbers and you work on yourself by building your reputation and your skill set, along with developing your network, you are going to make money – it’s inevitable!

Engage on Social Media

If you are creating engagement online, drop some of your favorite ways to create engagement. Where do you like engaging with people? Where do you get the best responses? Is it LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Twitter? Do you spend time in Facebook groups, fan pages?

There are so many different options out there on social media in which to meet and interact with people! Why even scrolling through news feeds and stories can be a massive hit in helping you succeed in network marketing! Have fun networking, meeting people, and connecting with people!

Be Vulnerable and Put Yourself Out There to Succeed

It’s imperative to see the value of putting yourself out there! Be vulnerable and bite the bullet – get to know people! Even if you’re an Extrovert, there are ways to do this – you need to get creative and find what works for you!

The fact is, if you want more likes and comments, everyone else wants it too. That is the law of reciprocity. You give more likes and comments; you’ll get more likes and comments.

Engage in a genuine, caring way, and you will soar in your business and will meet the most incredible people you never dreamed you would ever meet!

Share in the comments below: What is ONE thing you can do every day, following these five daily tasks, to start succeeding in your network marketing business?