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5 Top Marketing Apps to Help Put You on the Map

There should be no surprise that, in a world where marketing shifts its focus to the online realm and the success of marketing campaigns depends on timely decisions and swift actions, this particular activity and the mobile industry make a very fortunate marriage. It should be pointed out, though, that as a marketer, you will be able to use these favorable circumstances only if you find the right tools, and given the number of apps covering all the activities we associate with the term “marketing”, that is not always the easiest job. Let us then take a look at 5 essential apps that will help you create a marketing foothold you can later branch out from.


It would be nearly impossible to create any kind of effective online marketing strategy without relying on various social networks and their dedicated communities. Buffer brings order into something that could easily slip into chaos, and allows you to monitor and manage all of your activities on relevant social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest) through one intuitive app. Adding to the mix the option of scheduling your posts for later (great for utilizing each network’s optimal posting time) and customizing posts for each network, this app is a go-to tool for all social media marketing activities.


Still, as much as they are useful, in the context of marketing, social networks usually serve the purpose of pushing already prepared content. As far as blogs go, WordPress is the most popular platform to create that content on, and its mobile app is the best way to do that on your smartphone/tablet. You cannot chose when inspiration will strike you. What you can do is use this app to turn your thoughts into words, while they are still fresh, and upload media, edit previous posts, and moderate comments while you are at it.


Although it is often looked down on, there is no denying that multi-level marketing provides results, and if utilized well, it can lead to amazing results, even in an online environment. Yoobly is the ultimate platform that allows even the most inexperienced network marketers to spark curiosity, cue all interested prospects for rapid follow up, recruit new prospects, monitor network activities, and finally make sales and turn one-time buyers into long-term customers. Essentially, it provides all you need to know about MLM in a nutshell.


Making timely and proper decisions means constantly staying in touch with everything happening on the market. With its ability to quickly access information from all of your favorite blogs and news websites, Feedly will allow you to do exactly that. This RSS news reader will also treat you with a number of helpful features like monitoring mentions of your products and brand by plugging in Google Alerts, and the popular section that will ensure that you have not missed any of the important news, so it is really not that hard to single it out from the news aggregator crowd.

AnalyticsPro 2

The crown jewel of every good marketing app collection, and the tissue connecting all of the efforts you have made with the previous apps, AnalyticsPro 2 allows you to view 65 reports organized into 8 sections (Visitors, Traffic, Social, Content, etc.), manage several Google accounts and effortlessly switch between them, isolate and examine the subsets of your data, and monitor user activity through easy to understand interactive graphs and charts. To put it simply, it allows you to get as much out of Google Analytics as possible on an iPhone, or iPad.

The offer of marketing-related apps is as diverse as the term “marketing” is broad and all-inclusive. Use these five apps as an entrance to this ever-developing world, and work your way from the ground up. New offers are coming with each new day so you will have no problem finding the right app whatever your current needs may be.