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Jeunesse Business Opportunity Review


Jeunesse is a global network marketing company that provides health and anti-aging products. The company is based out of United States but maintains several offices across the globe. It was founded by two highly experienced network marketers, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Jeunesse Global started when Lewis had a life-changing discovery on anti-aging. Since then, the company has grown globally and has been recruiting members so they can take advantage of their products and business opportunity. This article will do a comprehensive review of the company, so read on.

The Business Opportunity

Jeunesse Global offers a wide range of anti-aging creams and nutritional supplements. Their product lines appeal to different kinds of people across the globe. Distributors are given two options to make money: sell products and recruit new members. This setup comes standard in most network marketing companies, and most Jeunesse members utilize this strategy to maximize their earning potential. Despite accusations that the company is a scam, Jeunesse Global is a legit network marketing company that has been around for many years.

How to Join

Once you have decided to become part of Jeunesse Global, you will have to follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Step 1: Open the online application form through the company’s official website
  • Step 2: Choose your country and preferred language, and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Step 3: Choose your domain name for your very own personal Jeunesse promotional website. You can use this url to promote your business as a Distributor.
  • Step 4: Create a password for your personal account and input your Distributor information. Make sure to place your mailing address in full detail to avoid inconvenience in the future.
  • Step 5: Choose your Starter Kit to officially become part of Jeunesse Global. The cost varies from country to country. The kit includes your personal promotional website and access to the company’s back office with reporting and business management systems. This kit is to be renewed annually. Unless you are able to maintain at least 360 Commissionable Volume (CV) in Autoship, then your annual kit fee is waived.
  • Step 6: Choose your sign-up package, which you have to purchase to become an income-generating Distributor. This package gives you heavily-discounted items to help you kickstart your business. However, the offer is only a one-time purchase, so make sure to invest your money in the right package.
  • Step 7: Set your monthly Autoship. To maintain your status as a paid distributor, you will have to keep ordering at least 60CV worth of product every month.
  • Step 8: Congratulations! You are now an official Distributor!

3 Lines of Jeunesse

Luminesce Line

Luminesce is the brand’s flagship product line. It contains the company’s most popular products, which are anti-aging creams formulated to be used at various times of the day. All products in this line feature an adipose-derived adult stem cell. It is a growth complex that promotes the production of new skin cells to fill in those wrinkles and improve your skin’s glow. This feature is called the Youth Enhancement Serum or Y.E.S.

The Luminesce line includes the following:

  • Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
  • Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser
  • Luminesce Advanced Night Repair
  • Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque
  • Luminesce Essential Body Renewal

Instantly Ageless Line

The Instantly Ageless product line is somewhat similar to the flagship line, but this one focuses on reducing the visible aging signs on your face. All of its products feature micro-cream, designed to target wrinkles for that ageless beauty. The creams do not encourage healing or collagen production. Instead, they fill in the wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

Simply apply the micro-cream thinly over your wrinkles, and allow them to sit for two to three minutes. These items have an immediate effect and have been reported as having Botox-like results – without the needles. This effect lasts for up to three days, but many users noticed a gradual fading only after 24 hours. The effects will also disappear once you wash your face.

Zen Line

This product line is the brand’s latest. The company claims that the Zen line provides an effective weight management system. Products under the Zen line includes:

  • Zen Shape: It contains natural compounds that aid in weight loss, such as green tea extract, mango seed extract, and raspberry ketones. It works as a fat burner by increasing your body’s core temperature to make you sweat off the excess weight.
  • Zen Fit: This one is an ideal post-workout fix. It is rich in amino acids and designed to promote digestion and increased muscle recovery. You have two flavors to choose from: fruit punch and watermelon.
  • ZenPro: This is a protein powder, available in flavors vanilla bliss and chocolate dream. It is designed for women trying to build lean muscles.

Global Nutrition

Jeunesse Global offers a selection of nutritional supplements for people with different lifestyles, including the:

  • AM-PM Essentials: They are designed to delay the signs of premature aging by supplying your body with multivitamins. One dose should be taken with breakfast, and the other in the evening before bedtime.
  • Reserve: This one comes in a liquid-filled packed for easy identification. It works by encouraging cell strengthening and repair.
  • Fniti: This is another multivitamin that helps reduce oxidative stress, which is a major factor in cell-aging. It targets an enzyme called the telomerase to help keep your cells healthy.


Jeunesse Global is a multi-level marketing company that lets your earn money by selling their anti-aging and weight loss products and recruiting new distributors. Like any network marketing company, the only way to be successful in this company is to recruit as many members as you can. The products are all designed to promote youthful beauty, which is why the brand has become popular across the globe. The signup process is quick and easy, and you will have your own retail website to promote your business. Overall, Jeunesse Global is a legit option for people looking to earn more money.

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