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Viridian Energy Australia Launch – Is This A Good Opportunity?

Viridian Energy Australia Launch

Viridian Energy is one of the leaders in providing responsible and affordable energy source in the United States. The company has helped people across the nation prevent more than seven billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions since 2009 through its environmental-friendly energy products. Today, Viridian is now providing energy products that are highly renewable, including the solar power technology supplied to a wide range of users nationwide. Another good thing that the company offers individuals is the income opportunity when you share the benefits of using highly-renewable energy to household owners. This article will tell you more about Viridian and how you can earn money while helping the planet through its products.

About the Company: Why Consider Renewable Energy?

Viridian’s CSO Cami Boehme explained how people are aware of the increasing need for a solid renewable energy to encourage sustainability. Boehme further said that the company maintains its vision to help individuals see renewable energy differently and be convinced to use it. This vision will help people who want to make more money enjoy the opportunity to help save the environment at the same time.

In addition, Viridian Energy is being run under parent company Crius Energy. This company manages brands that supply high-quality energy products, including Cincinnati Bell Energy, TriEagle Energy, FairPoint Energy, Comcast Energy Rewards, Public Power, and Citra Solar.

The company wants itself to be known as a brand that is socially responsible and connects customers with the help of its Independent Viridian Associates. They have committed to sustainability, community action, and global initiatives. The company takes action by providing affordable and highly renewable energy, natural gas with carbon offsets, and residential solar power.

Viridian announced in February 2016 the company’s expansion move to increase its more than 22,000 associates by introducing the company to eco-minded individuals in Australia. It focused initially on growing an Independent Associate base in the country but eventually decided to begin offering its energy products to the millions of Australian households. The company said they felt thrilled to introduce this unique income opportunity to more than 400,000 network marketers in the nation.

Income Opportunity

Viridian Energy’s members are called Independent Viridian Associates. The company provides all the training, tools, and support for its associates to help them successfully create a business that focuses on providing eco-friendly energy products. All associates are required to abide by the code of ethics based on the one presented by the Direct Selling Association.

Associates will be given three packages to choose from:

  • Simply Right: This package is a carbon-offset plan that will give you two options: pay 25 percent for energy with carbon offsets or choose to have everything go through it. Going for the maximum is the best way to be more eco-friendly.
  • Everyday Green: This one has two options for you to choose from, as well. You can either choose 50 percent of renewable energy or go for the maximum at 100 percent. Again, the 100 percent option is the most ideal.
  • Clean and Simple Solar: This is the highest and most expensive package. It allows you to use solar power at home to help you save on energy costs while saving the planet.

One of the best ways to know which plan suits you best is to check which is the most feasible. Viridian Energy is a multi-level marketing company, meaning it involves different membership levels and their corresponding sign-up fees. Joining the company will mean spending $199 to as high as $399. The membership cost will also depend on whether you wish to become a distributor in only one state or all.

The prices of Viridian products vary from state to state, which you can view through the company’s official website. If you want to maximize your earning potential, it will be wise to not limit yourself within just one state. This is true especially if you want to create your own team or sell energy products online.

Investing in a Viridian Energy business will cost you around $600 annually or more. Keeping the business will also require you to pay a monthly fee. You will want to enroll as many distributors as you can and sell as many products as possible. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to become successful in the multi-level marketing industry.

Bottom Line: Does Viridian Energy Offer a Good Opportunity?

Viridian Energy is a multi-level marketing company that provides energy products to its distributors and retail customers. Many people doubt its credibility but this is normal as it is a network marketing company. Viridian is legit and offers reliable and affordable eco-friendly energy products. The company makes it possible for people to enjoy the benefits of using their energy products while earning money by sharing the benefits of these items with other people. Success can only be achieved through hard work and experience, and not all people get to obtain this goal.

There may have been reports questioning the company’s credibility due to its nature of business. However, it has already helped plenty of distributors nationwide through its effective compensation plans. Make sure to read the fine print first before joining Viridian Energy or any multi-level marketing company to avoid inconvenience later on. Like any MLMs, the only way to become successful in Viridian is to build a solid network and sell as many energy products as you can. It may seem tedious, but the efforts are well worth it.

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