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Be a Website Owner and Work From Home Easily

One of the top home business ideas is owning a website. Even with all of the bells and whistles and shiny new things that have sprung up on the internet over the years, the website is still king because it directs the traffic.

Why Should I Consider Being A Website Owner?

As a website owner you have so many options available for ways to make money. The best part about owning a site is that you can choose to focus on something that you’re interested in.

However, if there’s nothing that specifically interests you, you can work backwards and create your website in an area where you know people have interest and then your job of growing a community and selling products or advertising will be that much easier.

Once you’ve decided what area to go into, you’ll want to decide what type of website you want to own. Some of the different options are

  • Blog One of the more common types of websites is a blog site. Here you or writers you hire will write articles that generate traffic as people search and find your content through search engines, or via your marketing and promotions. Blog sites can be rather time consuming but are very popular.


  • ResourceA good example of a resource website is Wikipedia. You create an authoritative site that people regularly visit to find information.  Music lyric websites are also a good example of a resource website.


  • Tool – A tool is a site that processes content input by users and then spits out useful information. There’s tool website I visit often that takes any blob of text and will extract all of the email addresses, remove duplicates and put them each on an individual line. Tools are great because you don’t have much updating or maintenance once they’re created.
  • Community – If you install forum software on your website you can create a community where like minded people come to discuss a topic they are interested in.

You can choose one of those website options, or more likely you’ll do a combination of several of these options to make the website you own unique and useful.

Once you’ve decided what type of website owner you’d like to be, you’ll want to think of ways to monetize your website. Some may even say you should consider the monetization first and then build the website around the money making model.

Ways to monetize a website

  • Sell affiliate products – Sell products owned by others that relate to the content on your site. Affiliate marketing is covered in great detail on this site already, so we won’t go too deeply into it here.
  • Sell your own products – Create an ebook, audio or video download, ‘How To’ course, or a special report that you can sell on your site. The best idea is to make the product have more information, or give a deeper understanding to the concepts that you already go over on your website.
  • Create a content paywall – Many news companies now have their content behind a paywall. They will often give an unregistered user access to a few articles, but then once a person is hooked, they are forced to pay a subscription fee to access all of the available content.
  • Website advertising options – There are various ad formats available that you can insert into your site and you will get paid for showing the ads to your website audience. Some possible options are Google Adsense pay per click, sponsored posts and site sponsorship. In addition to Google ads, also look into online marketplaces like Buysellads.
  • Lead Generation – You could make money by using your website to generate leads for another business that will then sell products to those potential customers.
  • Email List Building – One of the smartest options is to use your website to build an email list. No matter what website option you choose, you can also use your site to build a list of interested people that you can use to drive more traffic to your site or sell products.