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There’s no better investment than one you make for your health.  After all, we never truly realize how important our health is until we get sick.  So, if you’re choosing a business opportunity, why not one that specializes in enhancing the health and wellness of individuals?  One such company is Isagenix.

This company is making a name for itself in the health supplements industry and they are using traditional multi-level marketing to promote and distribute their products.  Founded in 2002, Isagenix was launched by Jim and Kathy Cooper together with John Anderson.

From the US, it steadily gained success and is now an international brand, operating in other countries including those in Asia.  Like other MLM companies, this company has also received both positive and negative reviews.  However, one of its advantages is that we can see that it’s undoubtedly legitimate, having been in business for more than a decade now.

What are their products or services?

As we mentioned, Isagenix offers a wide variety of nutritional products and supplements.  Their products provide the following benefits: weight loss, energy, performance and healthy aging.  The different products consist of meal replacement shakes, which are some of their most popular bestsellers, the snacks and mini-meals, and cleansing packages.  Also available are soup packets which are both nutritious and filling.

They have nutritional supplements, powders, and coffee as well, aside from the shakes and snacks.  These snacks include energy bars, low-fat crackers, and treats high in fiber.  Most customers are satisfied with the taste of the products particularly since there are different flavors to choose from.   A lot of customers have also confirmed the effectiveness of the products as seen in their weight loss results.  The Isagenix IsaLean Shakes especially, are used by many customers in lieu of eating two of their regular meals daily and these give them the nutrients and energy their body needs throughout the day.  For those who are weight training and working on losing fat, some of the shakes are also formulated to aid in building muscle.

How do you become a member?

To join Isagenix, you will need to complete the sign-up process and purchase a starter pack.  There are four starter packs available: the sample pack, pacesetter pack, president’s pack and business pack.  The president’s pack contains more products and costs more than the pacesetter pack while the business pack has the highest price but also has the most products.  The starter pack may be purchased as well if you wish to give these as samples to your family and friends or if you’d like to try out the products for yourself before selling them.

What are the best ways to make money with Isagenix?

Once you become a distributor of Isagenix products, you can earn money from commissions received from your sales of the products or through your downline, the people you have referred and successfully convinced to become fellow distributors.  Although commissions from the products themselves may also be profitable, if you’re serious about earning larger incentives, you will need to put more effort into recruiting people.  There are also opportunities to receive bonuses from your team’s performance.

Another feature of their compensation plan is that as you are able to refer more and more people, your level as a distributor also increases.  You start out as an associate, and after you successfully recruit one member, you then move up to the consultant level.  The next level is the manager, then the director and finally the top level, which is an executive.  Aside from recruiting members, you are also expected to maintain your active status in the company by buying a certain number of products each month.  The higher your level, the more bonuses you qualify for and the higher your incentives.

The company also sponsors training events and provides training materials for their new members.  This is especially useful for those who have no experience with sales or direct selling.  Beginners are also assisted with their own website for them to get more product sales from online shoppers.

What’s our verdict?

To sum it all up, Isagenix is a genuine opportunity to make a profit by selling their nutritional products and supplements and recruiting new distributors.  Like all businesses, even small ones, you will need to work for your success. Actively market the products in person or on your website and get the training you need to improve your sales skills.

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