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5 Tips For Overcoming the Common Problems of Workplace Management From Home

Congrats! If you are reading this article is most likely means you own your own business and run it from your home. Or at least you are considering a move towards a home office, a dream many wish could come to fruition.

A home office comes with numerous perks and challenges, different to the typical office setting.  Whether your home office is well established, or ready to launch next month, addressing and overcoming workplace challenges will greatly improve your business as a whole.  Read on for five top tips for overcoming common workplace management problems:

Address Inefficiencies

Sure the corporate office life wasn’t for you, but remember how great it was to have all that tech support at your fingertips!  A common problem in a home workplace is small teams, and big workload.   You don’t have the time or manpower to let conference call glitches or IT malfunctions slow down your well-oiled team.  Investing in a Command Centre that unifies all business communications will immediately make your life easier and more efficient.


Okay so you are the boss, that comes with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Setting goals for your team essential, but the real work is in holding them accountable.   Teaching your team members to be accountable and responsible for tasks assigned to will create trust and confidence in both the employee and the manager.  These things will over time, improving productivity of your whole business.

Career Development

Investing in employee growth and development is often overlooked.

Lack of career development opportunities and interest often leads to disengaged employees and poor retention rates. The best managers, in fact, will always invest in the development of their employees.  These managers will show genuine interest, and have consistent powerful, positive messaging.  They will make development a priority, and carve out the time when needed.  A perfect lead up to the next point.

Busy Boss

Carving out time for seemingly fluff things like employee development or squabbles among staff seems like a waste of time, right?  WRONG.  A recent study said that a boss that doesn’t make time to meet with employees is the third highest reason employees report HATING their boss!  Yikes.  We get it, being the boss, or even the business owner, is incredibly time consuming.  However, don’t let your time crunch leave you with a team that doesn’t like you!

Playing Faves

Aiden, the new digital marketing guru, is by far the coolest guy you have ever hired.

So cool, in fact, that you find yourself taking him for beers a few too many times after work.   But beware, playing favourites with your direct reports is both unwise and unfair.  Remember when we warned you to not be too busy for staff otherwise they may not like you?  Well, playing favourites is an even shorter road to disgruntled employees.  So leave your personal preferences at the door, and treat all employees with equal respect and attention.

Being a good boss isn’t just ploughing through tasks and bringing in revenue.

It is investing in systems and people. Workplace management is an integral part of overall workplace performance and productivity.  Investing time into researching best practices and implementing them on a daily basis will greatly enhance the environment and efficiency of your business.