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Builder’s Blights – Why You Should Be Investing in Safety Gear for Your Business

All across Australia, hardy people are performing tough and rugged forms of work. Whether it is driving forklift trucks in a warehouse, mixing cement for new roads, or laying the foundations for houses; manual labour is the lifeblood of communities and economies.

So, it is crucial that manual workers be protected from the dangers they come into contact with every day. Employers have a responsibility to provide this protection not just in the form of proper training, but also with high-quality safety equipment.

Keep reading to find out why PPE (personal protective equipment) is an essential part of all heavy duty workplaces.

It is a Legal Requirement

First and foremost, providing sufficient PPE is a mandatory requirement. The type of resources that you need will depend on the nature of the work. For instance, not all heavy duty or manual roles have a use for respirators.

Similarly, some tasks need safety harnesses, while others rely primarily on visibility garments. If investing in safety workwear is your responsibility, do some research and find out exactly which items are compulsory.

It Prevents Fatalities

While there are some types of accident (particularly on construction sites) which cannot be escaped without injury, the use of PPE is proven to reduce the risk of fatality by a substantial amount. If employees are working in a warehouse, among heavy items, a simple hard hat could mean the difference between life and death.

When it comes to things like welding and working with toxic materials, safety garments are the only way to safeguard against serious sickness. The impact of something like asbestos exposure is not instant and it cannot be seen right away, but it has devastating consequences for those who are not protected with respirators.

It Protects You from Litigation

It is not just the employee who benefits from the use of PPE.

If a worker gets injured on site, you are responsible for the incident. If it cannot be proved that they acted dangerously, you may be held liable. Certainly, if it turns out that a hard hat, safety vest, or steel capped shoes would have prevented injury, the owner is in danger of litigation.

So, protect your own interests and the company by never taking chances with PPE.

If you provide the lawful safety equipment and a worker gets injured because they did not use it, you cannot be held responsible. Cover all the bases and don’t risk hefty fines.

It Safeguards the Product

Don’t forget that injuries and accidents cause disruptions. Whenever somebody gets hurt, production has to stop, and this can be very costly for construction projects. They tend to be carried out according to strict deadlines, and any pauses to service are bad news.

The use of PPE equipment should really be valued primarily in terms of its impact on workers. However, its benefits for the company and the product are significant too and make it even clearer why safety gear is essential.

How to Find High-Quality Workwear

You should always work with reliable vendors who only sell approved safety equipment.

For instance, things like visibility clothing have to be manufactured to a certain standard before they can be considered sufficient. Opting for the cheapest items on the web can lead to trouble, as safety inspectors only consider employees protected if the PPE is rated high enough.

Generally, employees do have to cover the cost of safety items, but there may be some exceptions. For example, if a worker decides to advanced their training and learns a new skill (forklift driving). They may need to pay for safety resources if the course or training is not an essential part of their current role.