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6 Brilliant Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners

Mobile apps are taking over the world. Maybe not literally, but pretty much close. With more than 2.2 million apps on Google Play Store and more than 2 million apps on Apple App Store, there is hardly any internet connected individual not influenced by the world of mobile apps. And more than individuals, it’s businesses now which are waking up to the usefulness of apps and use them to get all kinds of this done.

While big enterprises can afford to hire an app development company and get an all-in-one app that does everything dedicatedly for them, small businesses are not so lucky. Thankfully, for home or small business owners there are hundreds of very powerful and brilliant apps that collectively, can do everything you’d want for your business.

Here we are covering 6 such popular apps.


If you are a small business owner you can’t really do without Skype, can you. The undisputed king of video and voice conferencing is indispensable for any small business – whether you are communicating with colleagues or customer. And now you have the power of skype in your smartphone through the mobile app. You can always be connected with your team and clients, nationally or internationally, even when you are on the move.


If you are running a small business, you would probably need a quick way to pay and receive money online. And you would want that service to be trusted and cost effective. Paypal is all of those and more. And combined with the power of a robust and secure mobile app, Paypal is a must-have for any small business owner. Easily add credit and debit accounts and credit cards and bank account for smooth and easy payments and receipts.


If you are a small business owner you would have had to carry pocket notebooks to quickly jot down meeting schedules, important ideas, contacts, etc. But the problem with that is all those notes would sync with your desktop. And you would probably have to maintain many such notebooks. With Evernote in your mobile, that all you are ever going to need. Sync notes with your mobile and desktop, shares notes and ideas with your colleagues wherever in the world they may be, gather research notes from web pages – there’s a whole bunch of things you can do with evernote.


With more than 500 million users, dropbox is the most popular file sharing platform on the cloud. With the free plan for individual users, you can store and share any kind of files on the dropbox cloud and it will automatically sync with your desktop and smartphone. Dropbox is especially useful for business owners working with remote team members and need a way to share files quickly and securely.


As a small business owner email marketing is probably the most important marketing tool in your hand. With mailchimp app you can send better email campaigns right from your mobile device. You can sync the email ids you collect from your website or from offline sources to your mailchip account and send beautiful mailers using hundreds of mailchip templates. Mailchimp is free if you are sending up to 12000 monthly emails to up to 2000 subscribers.


As a small business owner you often mix your business expenses with personal expenses and you never know exactly how much net profit you are generating from your business. Not unless you are a savvy accountant and keep track of all your expenses everyday. Or if you are using Expensify a brilliant little app that makes keeping track of your expenses a painless job. You can link your credit or debit card to your expensify account so it will keep track every time you swipe your card. You can also take a picture of your expense receipts and expensify will extract the necessary information.