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3 Storage Solutions For Your Home Business

Operating a small business from home is a great way to save on upfront costs and offers maximum flexibility to you and your family. But finding the perfect life/work balance can be tricky, and you may find yourself snowed under at home with work-related material. If you’re drowning in excess products or old records, do yourself a favour and employ one of these great storage solutions to lighten the load.

Embrace storage structures

Whatever your business, if boxes and stock are piling up and there’s nowhere for them to go, you have two options: destroy them or store them elsewhere. Considering you’ve held onto them, destruction is probably not an option, and storing them in an ill-fitted offsite space may be costly and inconvenient. But there are ways to find storage solutions that fit your needs and maximise the space you have available, via customised storage systems designed especially for your home. Industrial shelving manufacturers like MACRACK is a great option, as they can customise storage equipment to suit your business, helping you make the most out of your storage space!

Embrace the cloud

If it’s documentation that’s piling up around you, there is a great long-term solution to reduce your storage issues and keep them manageable. It’s time to consider a cloud or soft-copy storage option for documents. The first step is to scan all document copies (and back them up, multiple times is recommended), then you can gleefully remove, recycle or destroy the build-up. Just make sure you’ve planned ahead. If your home business involves a lot of paperwork, you may want to consider making digital documentation more accessible, which can sometimes lead to additional costs.

Clean out that spare room

For those lucky enough to have a spare guests’ room in their home, be honest with yourself about how much you actually use it. Unless you run an AirBNB or you have a continual flood of visitors from interstate or overseas, it’s likely that your guest bedroom is used maybe a handful of times a year. Transform that wasted space into your own personal work storage room – it won’t cost you anything and you’ll finally have some more freedom to move around at home. And don’t worry; if people plan to stay over, you should have enough notice to transform it back into a bedroom for the night.

What kind of items did you find were the most difficult to store at home for your business, and how did you get around it? Share your tips in the comment section below.