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How to stay productive and not procrastinate while working from home

Get maximum production when working from home

Procrastination affects everybody, every person has experienced the one time where they have been lazy and subsequently, done a piece of work at the last minute. Procrastination is a bad habit and all habits can be broken down to become a thing of the past. Being productive however is a tough task at times due to reasons that may affect your concentration on the task, such as other problems in your life or maybe just the difficulty of the task is daunting to think about.

Working at home rather than in an office can bring many distractions and problems because of the environmental change you are experienced to, working from home can be a dangerous path if you lack self-discipline and ambition. In this article, I will cover different ways to stop procrastinating while working at home and how to become more productive.

Organise and break your work down

This little trick is very simple but it works wonders. It can be a daunting task to start working when you know there is a massive list of things to do. By simply breaking them down into steps and tasks, you will overcome that “where do I start” feeling. This can be done by writing all the tasks on a post stick or a note application on your computer and ticking them off one by one once you complete this.

Take little breaks but often

Sitting down doing work for extended periods of time will most likely get you frustrated or agitated. If you find yourself in this position, it would be wise to break down your time into breaks and work time, it helps when focusing if you are sticking to a schedule. One great trick is to work for 50 minutes, then have a 10-minute break. This helps the mind frame because you know at the end of the 50 minutes of work you can wind down a bit and relax before going back to work again. Taking a walk outside, having a coffee or watching some TV are some ideal tasks to wind down.

Take the distractions away

We all know how easy it is to let your mind wander when you have distractions in front of you. It is easier said than done, but small things such as closing internet tabs that will distract you such as social media and YouTube. Rather than have your phone next to you, turn it off and put it in a different room, don’t have that TV on in the background either!

In principle, everyone has their own distractions but by taking them away you don’t give yourself a chance to get distracted.

Get into a healthy work routine

Even though you are not working in an office, but a home office, where you have to be in at a certain time, sticking to a routine is proven by various studies to benefit you. One advantage is that it teaches you to stick to a schedule, this translates into work because if you are accustomed to sticking to a schedule, you will procrastinate less. Making a routine is as simple as waking up at a certain time, having food at a certain time, and finishing work at a set time.

Have an organised office, this will help with your productivity. Use an Oil Diffuser with an essential oil that can help you clear your mind and keep you focused.


It goes for anything, that the first part of curing a problem is to simply admit you have a problem. If you are in denial you procrastinate but you sort of know deep down you have the problem, you won’t see what is wrong with what you are doing and therefore won’t break the habit. Every time you are self-aware that you are avoiding your work, you should try to force yourself to focus and be productive. Stopping this by the root is essential because the more you stop yourself when you are lazing around, the more likely you are to eventually stamp it out for good.

Watch Motivational Videos

What other way is there to help inspire you? Watching inspiring people of course, maybe you might take advice from Opray Winfrey, DJ Khaled or the legendary Shia LaBeouf for some much-needed motivation. If you are looking for a more deep, inspirational or moving speech, head over to TedTalks.

Get Professional help

If the problem persists and interferes with your daily life too much, there are specific management courses that will help you manage your time or maybe see a one-to-one trainer to help you break the habits of being lazy and perhaps change your way of thinking about things and help you with your Home Business.