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Rodan and Fields Business Opportunity Review

Rodan and Fields is network marketing company that has been around for more than a decade. The company offers personal care products and business opportunities to people who would like to earn extra. This article will give you a thorough review about the company and its business opportunities, with some information about their products.

Rodan and Fields Business Opportunity

 A multi-level marketing company

Rodan and Fields is a multi-level marketing company that sells personal care products, like toners, anti-aging creams, facial wash, and much more. The company started selling these products in 2002, when it was founded by dermatologists, Drs. Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan. Their skin care products were initially offered in department stores. In 2008, Drs. Fields and Rodan eventually decided to offer their products through multi-level marketing. The company has operated this way ever since.

Personal care products at wholesale prices

You can purchase Rodan and Fields products at wholesale prices, and sell them at retail prices. The company’s product line focuses on skin care. They offer products like facial wash, toners, make up and anti-aging creams.

The company lets you earn by selling their products. The profit you earn every time you make a sale is all yours to keep, making it a good option to earn extra money. You can save more money on their products by purchasing a business kit, which is basically a bundle of Rodan and Fields products.

There are three business kits for you to choose from:

  1. Personal Rewards Kit (which costs $395)
  2. Big Business Launch Kit (which costs $695)
  3. RFx Express Business Kit (which costs $995)

Sell, recruit, earn

There are two major ways to earn through Rodan and Fields: sell the products at retail prices, and build a strong downline. The money will come from the products that you sell, and the number of people you recruit in your downline, as well as the number of members that they recruit in their own downlines, and so on. Multi-level marketing is a continuous cycle, but you have to get effective members in order to keep the cycle going.

Basically, the more people you convince to join, the more money-making opportunities you will have. The good thing about Rodan and Fields is that joining is easy and affordable. Initially, you will try to get friends and family members to join you, but you will eventually need to recruit outside your circle to keep the cycle going and going. A strong downline is what will make you successful in this business.

Commissions and Bonuses

Rodan and Fields offer commissions and bonuses to active consultants. You are considered active when you acquire a minimum of 100 sales volume each month. Only the active consultants can get the chance to earn commissions and bonuses. If you want to keep your sales volume high, a constant flow of online and offline leads is crucial.

You will have five more ways to earn through this multi-level marketing company:

  • Retail – You buy the products at wholesale, and sell them at retail to retail and preferred customers. You get to keep the money you will earn.
  • Active consultant commissions – All active consultants can earn commissions when they obtain at least 100 sales volume each month. The commission will be based on the sales made in your downline, as well as the preferred customers that you sponsor.
  • Personal Team commissions – You will be promoted to Executive Consultant when you reach at least 100 sales volume or about $600 in personally-sponsored level one in one month. You will be given the chance to earn personal team and consultant commissions.
  • Generation overrides – You will earn commissions from the sales and recruitment made about five levels deep into you’re own downline.
  • Performance bonuses – You will be rewarded with bonuses when you hit certain milestones.

Verdict: is it legit or a scam?

Rodan and Fields is a legit company. It is not a scam. The company sells real products, which are – in fact – FDA-compliant. All members will have a website as part of their business portfolio. Joining is easy, as well. If you have an existing network that can make the sales for you, then you no longer have to buy the products. The company offers bonuses and commissions to active consultants to keep them motivated.

This MLM company provides all the information that you need on their website, including disclosures and compensation plans. Your success in this business, however, lies in your selling and recruitment skills. Like any other MLM companies, Rodan and Fields will only provide you with the business opportunities, and the rest of the work is up to you. This is the reason why not all people succeed in the MLM industry. If you are the type of person who can convince people to join you or buy your products, then this is the business opportunity for you.

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