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Onecoin Review: Is OneCoin Australia a Scam or Legit?

OneCoin is an online business that uses cryptocurrency. It has been providing millions of people money-making opportunities without the high cost for years. These people are connected to the financial world with ample support. Since its inception in 2014, OneCoin has created a strong customer base worldwide that comprises millions of people from over 195 countries. Read on to know more about the company and how it made people successful through cryptocurrency.

OneCoin Review

OneCoin offers a great way for you to earn money online. It is a digital currency that is based on cryptography. OneCoins are created through “mining.” Like a legit paper bill, each of the OneCoin is unique. They are not issued by the government, allowing the company to produce a finite number of digital coins to ensure that they are not affected by inflation. This also makes them impossible to counterfeit.

Since cryptocurencies are not tied to the central bank or any country, the coin’s value will depend on factors like supply, demand, and usability. OneCoin users are expected to become part of a global network of miners around the world. These members are free to choose among the many different ways of using their digital coins.

You can either mine the coin and hold on to its value or use it to engage in financial transactions anywhere across the globe. The company’s blockchain is uniquely designed to set a new industry standard by securing customer information, and meeting the different needs of the merchants and customers.

OneCoin and OneCoin Australia

The OneCoin team, according to its website, is dedicated to promote a positive change and provide inexpensive and faster financial services to users worldwide. The company claims that it complies with all the regulations to ensure transparency and a sound business. Since it was found by Dr. Ruja Ignatova, OneCoin has become the second biggest cryptocurrency globally in 2016.

Ignatova is the founder and CEO of the company. Her residence and IT operations are both located in Bulgaria. Ignatova has a strong background in banking and finance, and has worked with companies like Deutsche Bank, McKinsey and Company, various asset management funds, and more. She created OneCoin in 2014.

On that same year, Ignatova was also introduced to Juga Parhiala and his business partner Pehr Karlsson. These two are currently the top producers with more than $4.8 million in earnings each month. They have made their presence felt in Europe, as well, with large presentations in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Munchen, and Rome.

OneCoin now has more than 2.6 million users. Since its inception, the company has made more than a billion in cumulative global sales. The latest news is that Asian investors have checked OneCoin and have invested large amounts on the company.

OneCoin Business Opportunity

How Much Does It Cost To Join OneCoin?

Signing up with OneCoin is free, but the packages start from 110 Euros to 27,500 Euros. You can only use the digital coins by creating your own account. However, this will only happen by invitation from another OneCoin miner to make you part of the OneLife Network community. You will be supported by the company’s education platform, OneAcademy, the OneLife Network, as well as the Support department.

You will have to decide on what you plan to do with your membership after signing up. Aside from coin mining, you can also use your digital coins to transfer money or make payments from anywhere in the world. There is no need to worry about security as the company constantly works to keep transactions and information secured.

New users will receive an email verification that confirms their registration as a client. An e-wallet will also be created for them. The company claims that they want members to see for themselves how the business works. It does not mean, however, that you will gain access to every product and service. Clients who want full access must go through an application process.


OnePay makes it easy for users to access their funds and transfer money. Also known as the e-wallet, this electronic store value platform is created for each client upon signing up. Their OnePay account is accessible from any parts of the world. This ensures payees that they will receive their money in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The payees can enjoy the benefits of receiving their funds quickly, as well as selecting their preferred payment method. These payment methods include local bank deposits, prepaid cards, and so much more. They can freely choose whichever method is the most convenient for them.

Security and Safety

OneCoin guarantees that its system is extremely secure for four major reasons:

  • Centralized database for accounts and e-wallets. The database is backed up several times each hour to prevent data loss and hacking.
  • Coins are transferred to the system and do not leave OnePay right away. This means the company can easily check who hacked your account, and restore the balance.
  • Transactions are checked several times before the money leaves the system. When someone attempts to steal your money, then the system will ask for other forms of identification for verification.
  • HTTPS certificate is used for trading. It means not everyone can easily access the website to ensure security.

Is OneCoin A Scam?

OneCoin offers a great business opportunity to everyone around the world without the hassle. It has a unique security system that ensures all information, including transactions, are protected against hackers and data loss. With its strong reputation, OneCoin is definitely a legit company that is worth checking out.

Find Out More About OneCoin

We’ve asked Suresh Rao, a leader helping to develop the Australian expansion of OneCoin, to provide us with some further information. Here’s what Suresh has said about OneCoin Australia:

I was looking for an opportunity to earn passive income. I was thinking that, property investment is the only way I can achieve this. While searching for an investment property, friend of mine told me about One Coin. I never heard about Digital currency/Cryptocurrency neither Bit Coin. Since I have IT background this looks interesting for me. I have joined One Coin in Feb 2016 at its infancy stage where they were in Phase A. Within one month, I was able to get bonus which is slightly more than what I am earning in my 9 to 5 job. This gave me confidence. That is when I have taken it seriously and decided to help my friends and relatives.

There are four reasons which make this project success. They are Remittance, Two Billion Unbanked people in the world, E-commerce and mobile commerce and Finite nature of currency. We are witnessing disruption by digitalization: Taxi Industry by Uber, hotel industry by Airbnb, entertainment industry by Netflix. Similarly Digital currency is the Disruption to FinTech industry. Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology which is underpinning Digital Currency likely to become bigger than the internet itself this is due to the technology that allows instant, borderless and low cost transactions.

One Coin is having good leadership team, using state of the art technology, more secure and follows compliances. This company has become so big so fast due to their generous compensation plan and network marketing system run by sister company called One Life. Six of the top ten Direct selling earners in the world are distributors from One Coin which is just two years young. I am seeing this company growing from last 9 months. Now they have 2.6 Million people and moved to Phase B. As part of this phase, company is focusing on Usability. Many merchants around the world started accepting one coin and company is targeting to on-board one million merchants in next 12 months.

One Coin generated their first billion dollars in revenue in around 10 months. It took Apple 7 years to accomplish same feat. We are looking at a company that is quite possibly the fastest growing in the world and in the process of doing to the digital currency space what Facebook did to Myspace. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to educate in this space or join hands to be part of this project.

Contact Suresh for more information:

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Mobile: 0404 971 402