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Fashion Focused – How to Choose a Speciality within the Fashion Industry

Often, when somebody says that they want a career in the fashion industry, people instantly assume modelling. In reality, there are hundreds of different roles relating to fashion and they involve all kinds of skills and abilities. You don’t have to be stomping the catwalk or starring in giant billboard ads to make it big.

You could be a personal stylist, a photographer, a clothing designer, a runway coordinator, or a merchandiser. You could have a talent for writing and become a journalist who focuses on fashion and covers big shows and events. This is a very diverse industry, so don’t count yourself out if being a cover star isn’t appealing.

This guide to some of the most popular jobs in the fashion industry will help you decide where to go and what to do.

Professional Stylist

If you have a keen interest in clothes, you could learn how to become a stylist.

This role itself can be very diverse, as there is an abundance of different fields within it; such as fashion, film, TV, and personal stylists.

For example, you could work for a retail store and help customers pick great clothes, or work behind the scenes creating looks for photo shoots, TV shows, and movies. While a formal qualification is not obligatory, it can be hard to enter the industry without some kind of online or classroom training. Look for styling academies in your town or city.

Fashion Designer

As we all know, being a successful fashion designer usually leads to a big salary and lots of critical acclaim. However, it can be extremely difficult to achieve this. The problem is that, like acting or singing, everybody wants to make it in this profession.

So, the challenge is not just having the talent to create beautiful clothes but also to stand out in a very crowded market. The best place to start is with a fashion based degree. This will provide you with formal training, industry contacts, and high-quality resources.

Retail Buyer

The role of retail buyer is less high profile than that of a fashion designer, but they’re every bit as essential. These individuals are responsible for deciding which clothes and accessories make it into stores. They must have an obsessive love for fashion and a great eye for trends.

This job can be very creative, but it also requires precision. You’ve got to be able to backup your choices with cold, hard evidence. So, there is a lot of work with spreadsheets, market research, surveys, and statistics.

Fashion Illustrator

You could be a very artsy person and want to combine a love for sketching with a job in fashion. If this is the case, the role of fashion illustrator is perfect. This is a person who works closely with fashion designers to bring their ideas to life.

Most designers aren’t great artists. They can visualise and describe their clothing concepts in great detail, but they need a talented sketch artist to create beautiful images. Some illustrators end up working on promotional material and print advertisements too.

Fashion Journalist

The job of a fashion journalist can be very exciting and glamorous.

After all, if you’re going to write about cutting edge designs, you’ve got to be at the catwalk shows and industry parties. Obviously, a talent for writing is essential, but you must also be comfortable around people.

This is a social role because getting the best stories often requires meeting and chatting with industry leaders. You might hang out with models, designers, runway coordinators, bloggers, and television personalities.

When to Consider Enrolling at Fashion School

There are few jobs within the fashion industry, which require a formal qualification as a legal standard. However, there are so many people trying to compete for these roles that employers do look for certifications and experience as a differentiator.

It is certainly worth looking into a place at a styling Academy or fashion school if you’re determined to make it. They can teach you a great deal, including the best ways to make contacts, win big jobs, and make money in this very crowded market.