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Don’t Let these Pitfalls Restrict Your Freelance Mobile App Development Career!

The Web is rushed with the reasons to become a freelance mobile app developer and the tools that can help you become a good developer. Every post is highlighting the brighter side of freelancing development jobs. Remember, nothing is this world is ever perfect! So is the case with work from home options. It is arguably true that you can earn a good fortune from the comfort of your home, but only if you make a careful and professional approach to the things. Making even silliest of mistakes could cost your portfolio and you might not receive good business proposals.

First of all, you should be honest and responsible enough to admit your flaws. It is the only rule that will help you have better control of things, which can lead to a downturn. So, moving back to the topic- the idea is to discuss the mistakes that freelance mobile app development professionals make. There are a lot to discuss but let focus on the most important ones:

1)    You Should Mind Your P’s and Q’s Like A Business: Honesty is the best policy! This goes true with the freelancing world as well because many of the freelancers introduce themselves as a company to gain client’s trust. But this should not be done. Instead, you should come up as an individual figure that a client can trust, creating an impressive professional as well as the personal image of yours as an app developer.

2)    Looking for Irrelevant Projects: It is always preferable for freelancers to look out for the app development projects that match their specialities and experience. You should not stake your portfolio by opting for an irrelevant project that you have never worked upon before. Be realistic with yourself, you can work fluently with either one of the languages – be it Android or iOS. It doesn’t imply that people having fluency in multiple operating systems are not there. But considering the safer side, you should go ahead with the one you have specialisation in because if you won’t end up executing project finely, you will end up leaving a bad impression.

3)    Not Staying Updated Constantly: A lot of development professionals think that they had gained enough of knowledge within the course they were in university and they don’t need to know anything beyond that. Well, it is completely wrong because IT industry is continuously evolving. It is, in fact, quite an important to keep abreast with the new advances in your sector as in freelancing you don’t have a bunch of colleagues around you to discuss the latest stuff. So, you have to take this responsibility on your own to find out some good resources from where you can get updates about all the latest happenings or you can join professional groups on social media networking where such a discussions are quite normal.

4)    Minimal or No Interaction with Other Developers: Not getting in touch with other professionals in your industry may negatively impact your skills as you won’t get to know the latest updates about the industry. The exchange of information is, undoubtedly, great as you get to share a lot of tip, tricks, advice and experiences that makes your everyday job easier. The best way to establish a networking environment is attending conferences, seminars and other similar events of your specialisation.

Therefore, working as a freelance mobile app developer is enjoyable and rewarding if you keep yourself at bay from all the mistakes mentioned above. So, avoid all such pitfalls that can cost you clients, reputation and money.

Author Bio: Macy Jones is working as an app developer with App Xperts – a reputed app development company in Melbourne. She focuses on both Pros and Cons of any subject she makes research on like the subject of this post in order to make it easy to understand for readers (budding app developers).