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How Can the Cloud Benefit Your Home Business?

Home businesses have really evolved over the last few decades. Many home businesses can now run at a level envied by bigger organisations. A large part of this is due to a shift in the cloud – a means of using the internet to store and access content or programs. Cloud computing has led to big changes, all of which have benefitted many small businesses, from fresh-out-of-uni technology startups to simple family-owned-and-operated businesses. So how exactly can the cloud benefit your home business?

Pay Only For What You Use

Most cloud services offer a ‘pay-as-you-go’ deal, which can increase or decrease as your needs change. In other words, you pay for what you use. Consider trustworthy services like those provided by Com2 Communications, who offer flexible subscriptions that can grow with your business as needed.

Lower Maintenance Costs

A really big benefit of the cloud is the lowering of costs associated with physical hardware, power usage and support (professionals that take care of installation, maintenance, upgrading and such). Smaller businesses will really appreciate these substantial savings. Moreover, you’ll save on space, which means you won’t have to spend as much money on expanding floor space and storage.

Mobility and Flexibility

The majority of cloud services provide businesses with the opportunity to implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – so the cloud can be accessed from any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. This allows employees to work remotely, while still being able to access files, programs or other important content over the internet. Consider it a customised on-demand service that can put an end to the in-office single-server days.

Better Collaboration

Allowing for greater flexibility, employees can work from a master document because they’ll be able to easily access and save important information. They will also have the ability to collaborate easily by commenting on or editing documents. Employers are at an advantage since they can choose what employees can access, and they can track their progress on any project.

Increased Integration

Small businesses will have several opportunities to integrate with a variety of cloud-based providers. There are certain specialised services that can integrate with smaller operations such as marketing, human resources or accounting, which gives the employer more time to concentrate on critical areas.

Home businesses are popping up everywhere – everyone wants a piece of the pie, a chance to succeed without the limitations of the pre-cloud era. Cloud-based computing has opened up a whole range of ways a business can operate, with flexibility and cost cutting being major benefits.