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ACN Business Opportunity Review


If you’re looking for a small business opportunity with a unique or more valuable product other than personal care and nutritional supplements, ACN, or American Communications Network, is one company definitely worth considering.  Established in 1993 by entrepreneurs experienced in direct sales, this company has more than a decade of experience in the multi-level marketing industry and has carved a name for itself as a trustworthy company with top quality services.  Their reach has extended to more than two dozen countries worldwide.

Among their greatest selling points is that they’re recommended by a highly influential business tycoon, Donald Trump.  Although some of those who have tried joining ACN have professed themselves discouraged, you need to remember that there are several factors to consider in multi-level marketing programs, such as the training needed for developing sales skills and not just the business opportunity itself.  As you can tell, ACN is not one of those get rich quick scams.  Like all successful multi-level marketing companies, it’s a genuinely profitable venture for those who are willing to invest their time and effort, and you can expect that this company will continue to grow.

Product Or Service Offering 

ACN has an edge over other MLM companies since their products consist of services that are used in most, if not all, homes and businesses.  These are comprised mainly of phone services, both mobile and landline, TV and cable program packages, internet plans, security systems and energy such as gas.  Not only do most homes use services like these, but they are also currently using at least a couple of them.

In essence, what ACN does is to partner with the providers of these services and market and sell their services to various consumers.  ACN ensures that these services consistently deliver first-class service to keep their brand name and reputation strong.

How To Join

To become a member of ACN, you will need to pay a fee of $499.  There are also monthly maintenance fees to consider.  Although most people find the startup cost higher than average, this fee covers all the support the representative needs including training programs.

The higher fee also ensures that only committed people who are determined to put in their dedication, time and effort into promoting this company are able to join.  This is essential since if you want to hone your sales skills and know more about the various products, you have to regularly join ACN’s training programs and events.  Fortunately, they do provide comprehensive training for their members to increase their chances of success and make certain of their quality.  Once you’ve signed up, you have now officially become an ACN independent business owner or IBO.

How Do You Earn Money?

There are, in general, two ways to make a profit after you join ACN as an independent business owner.  First is when you sell the actual services to more customers.  You do this by convincing people to switch to the providers offered by ACN.

The other way is the network marketing side of this business.  You must acquire a team of other independent business owners.  You have to present the benefits of joining this company to more people and persuade them to sign up and become a member.

Your commissions are then paid to you once the customers who purchased the services start paying their bills and you also receive incentives for each of your downlines.  Each time you recruit a member, you earn points and as you accumulate more points, a corresponding number of points is equivalent to an incentive.

What You Should Know About ACN

One drawback of ACN, however, is that even though as an MLM, ACN’s services are not very common, in the telecommunications industry itself, there’s already plenty of competition.  This makes it hard to penetrate this kind of market.

The best way to make a profit from this business opportunity is still through recruiting more people.  As you get more and more people to sign up and these people, in turn, get more referrals, you also move up to a higher level with the chance of receiving larger commissions.

Once you’ve gained enough experience and skill, though, you can earn enough to turn this opportunity into your full-time source of income.


As a business opportunity, ACN is a good chance to make some money on the side as long as you’re willing to be trained and you can work on your sales and recruiting skills.  It may not be the easiest market to promote but if you can become an expert in this, you’ll find it mostly profitable and reliable since it’s from an established company with top quality products.

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