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What is a Co-working Space

Though working at home is a flexible option, typically with low business overhead expenses and no commute at all, there may be a better work environment option for you. That option is utilizing a co-working space.

What is a Co-working Space?

Co-working space is a shared working space. It is much like a normal office except that the people who share that office do not work for the same organisation. They may be entrepreneurs, home or small business owners, freelancers, or employees of some organisation. The expenses for the shared space and amenities are covered by the shared tenants.

This article will help you know why these spaces are better than working at home, cafes, or community space.


1. Increase in productivity

Working in PJs obviously lowers your productivity and whilst there are many home business options available, just because that business can be run from home, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you personally. It has been proven now that even if you work from home, you should dress for success. Dressing up helps you feel you are at work and gets more done in less time. If you go to a co-working space than it gives you the benefits of working in a professional environment but with the flexibility you want. It is like the benefits of both worlds, self-driven entrepreneurs working in a professional environment.

2. Networking

If you are working from home in an isolated environment, you might not even consider going to networking events, conferences, training, etc. A co-working space gives you the possibility to find someone with similar interests to share training events, seminars, etc. with. Some of these spaces organise such events themselves so that you can network with your coworkers.

3. Meet potential workers or clients

People who are working there are usually independent contractors or entrepreneurs. They are in constant need of clients and workers or both. If you need someone to do your accounts you might meet some independent contractor who shares the same working space and is in need of accounts work. So these places are great meeting places for both potential clients and workers for your work.

4. Distraction-free, professional environment

In a co-working space, you get the right environment for task completion. And when you see everybody working around you, you do not waste your time but instead, strive to work harder. Just like in a library even if you do not want to study the environment and peer pressure leads you to study something.

5. Hire employees without an office

If you have a few employees and you cannot afford to rent an office yet than co-working spaces are great for you. You can work with your employees in a space in an office-like environment instead of making an office out of your home.

6. Great place to meet Mentors

When you start a new business on your own, you do not have the expertise required to do all aspects of the business. If you find someone who has already been there and done that, that person can provide information that can be a shortcut to success. Why make the same mistakes that someone before you has already learned from? Make use of networking meetings or events held by the coworking space for this.

7. Keep Learning

You meet others in a similar orbit as you in such working hubs. You can stay up to date and help each other in learning what is new in your area of business or learn from other industries and apply relevant knowledge to your business.

8. Stay motivated

Last but not least, when working at home it is very easy to lose motivation due to a lack of self-discipline or self-control. Sometimes you might get demotivated as you are not getting the desired results in your business. In a shared office space, you get to see so many people working around you who are going through the same phase. This gives a sense of similarity, which may drive you to keep going. And perseverance pays.


With the many flexible options available, you can give coworking space a try. There are no long-term costs, you can take up space on monthly basis and see how it fares for you. It might just be the thing you need for a little extra productivity or be the catalyst for one of the many benefits mentioned above.
Here is an example of a Co-working space in Croydon, Victoria.