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Setting Up a Network for Your Home Business

Setting up the Internet for Your Home Business

A home-based business are becoming more and more popular as services and products can now easily be offered online. With the wide use and availability of the Internet, it’s easier to communicate with clients and customers online. If you have products to sell, you can put up an online store for shoppers to visit and make their orders.

Services like virtual assistance and customer support can also be provided to clients. You may also turn this as a home business with your friends and other family members, or you may hire a few people and set up a small group in your place that provide the said services to earn more. This is more convenient and cost-effective as you don’t have to rent an office.

Since you will be providing services over the Internet and via phone, it’s important that you have a reliable service provider that would set up your home business network like the services offered at Their VOIP service may be a good option for you as this would support voice communication with clients and customers over the Internet, saving cost on regular phone calls. Many companies, both small and large ones make use of this technology.

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Wired or Wireless Network?

Wired network was the only option when the Internet was just starting to become popular. However, with the advancement of technology, wireless access has become available, especially now that there are several portable devices that are Internet capable, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. When having your network setup, you also need to decide if you wish to have a wired or wireless connection. These options have their own pros and cons.

A wireless network makes it possible for you to connect with your mobile phone and other portable devices without being confined in one location. This is as long as the signal can reach you. There’s also no need for cables to be attached to the devices to connect to the network. However, the connection may not be stable, especially during bad weather. This could be a huge concern as this could affect the services provided by your business.

The security of the network must also be ensured to prevent hackers that could compromise your data, as well as unauthorized users that may slow down your bandwidth.

A wired network on the other hand is more stable and cheaper, although it requires cables and other equipment for networking the computers and other devices. You would also not be able to connect with your wireless devices.

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Sharing Files

Aside from Internet access, your network would allow you to share files, which makes job easier as there’s no need to send and receive files via attachments or by saving them on flash drives. Sharing files and devices like printers and scanners can also be done with a wireless network, especially now that most of them have wireless capabilities too.

What’s good about the solutions provided by these telecommunications service providers is that they can customize it to serve your needs. They are also flexible so when it’s time to expand your business, it wouldn’t be difficult to add users to your network that would meet your needs.