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New Promotional Avenue For Home Base Personal Trainers & Massage Therapists

Australian personal trainers and massage therapists who run their businesses from home stand to benefit from new Adelaide-owned startup, Fitheory.

Fitheory matches service providers in the industries of personal training, massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractic care with potential customers through an online booking portal.

Customers are able to search for providers in their local area, view business profiles that provides key information such as services provided, costs and available times and then conveniently book an appointment online.

Obtaining new clients is always a pain point for stand alone personal trainers and massage therapists operating from home and the excitement around Fitheory is certainly building.

The startup is being lead by Adelaide-duo Abhishek Sharma and Joseph Mullins and aims to launch for Adelaide-based customers in late 2016.

Interested businesses can register their interest by contacting the Fitheory team at