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Nerium Review: Should You Join the Nerium Australia Launch?

Nerium Australia Review

The fact that almost all multilevel network marketing companies promise to deliver a high return on investment within a short period of time makes the search for the best all the more daunting. You probably have come across with Nerium International, one of the leading beauty products company that is set to launch in Australia before the end of 2016. Nerium’s business opportunities are diverse especially that the cosmetic industry is yielding more loyal consumers that other businesses.

Nerium Review

Nerium International was founded by Jeff Olso who is greatly respected for his contributions to the industry. He also wrote the Amazon bestselling The Slight Edge, an inspirational book about achieving your personal success. Unlike other companies, Nerium’s management team is composed of tenured and experienced executives in sales, technology, marketing, and leadership.

Nerium has got a strong leadership foundation taking into account the 150 years combined organizational and field experiences of its high-ranking officers. The company has also invested so much in research and development, clinical trials, and human tests to determine the efficacy of the products. Its anti-aging creams have harbored positive reviews among users not only because it reduced wrinkles and aging lines but also due to its mild effect on the skin.

As of 2014, Nerium has made more than $400 million of revenue and over $100 million of payouts and commissions to individual distributors. It was included in the Top 100 MLMs since 2012, breaking the record for the fastest growing new company. This achievement has made Nerium the most popular in Australia and other countries where products are shipped to.

Nerium’s reputation landed its way on various TV shows such as The View, Good Morning America, CBS Chicago, The Wendy Williams Show, The Dallas Business Journal, and Life & Style magazine among others.

Nerium Products

All Nerium products are made of the age-defying properties from oleander plant. It is an attractive and heavily scented shrub that typically flourish during summer and fall. Despite its ornamental and medicinal uses, oleander must be handled with caution. The flower and leaves are extremely poisonous when ingested; however, Nerium is able to process the active age-defying ingredient called NAE-8 to become suitable to the human skin.

The company develops and sells three major types of products namely eye cream, brightening cream, and contouring lotion. Nerium products are blended with exclusive protein and NAE-6 extract.

In addition, 30 percent of Nerium’s sales are dedicated to research and development. Nerium Biotechnology, Inc, a division of Nerium International, is committed to providing the safe and most effective skin care products available today.

Nerium Compensation Plan

Can you make money with Nerium?

Does Nerium work?

There are two ways to become an official distributor of Nerium products. For $499, you get four bottles of Nerium AD and four bottles of Nerium Day Cream. The $999 package includes 10 bottles of Nerium AD, 10 bottles of Nerium Day Cream, and two tubes of Nerium Firm. All product packs are given with free Brand Partner Launch Kit which contains marketing training materials and videos.

Commissions can go as high as 10 percent to 25 percent depending on the sales volume. You can earn an additional $16 for every bottle of night cream sold to a Preferred Customer. Residual income is at 5 percent if you are on the highest tier of the network. All levels below the sixth tier get 1 percent to 2 percent commission.

You can also earn modestly if you wish to focus on retail product selling. All products are given at discounted prices. For instance, the NeriumAD night cream that is priced at $110 can be sourced at a bulk price with $30 profit per bottle. The NeriumAD combo pack sold at $165 can generate $45 profit. There is also a $28 potential profit for every bottle of NeriumFirm.

Is Nerium A Scam?

Nerium Pyramid Scheme Update

Nerium International is a haven for network marketers and retailers because the products are actually effective and scientifically proven. Other perks and benefits include:

  • Solid, loyal, and repeat customer base
  • Professional development opportunities available as an individual Brand Partner
  • Growing network of network marketers and celebrity endorsers
  • Rising demand for skincare products
  • Competitive compensation package and practical training plan

Despite the possibilities Nerium has to offer, you should also consider that the beauty and wellness industry is highly competitive. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of rival brands so you have to make sure that you establish your sales pitch in a unique and reinforcing way.