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Le-vel Business Opportunity Review – Scam Or Legit?

Le-Vel is a health and wellness multi-level marketing company that offers nutritional supplements, vitamins, and protein shakes. All of its products carry the brand name, Thrive. Since it follows a networking business model, customers can choose between buying the products at retail and enjoying them while earning extra money on the side. This article will give you a thorough review about the company, their products and services, as well as their business opportunities.

Le-Vel Review

Le-Vel makes itself known as a premium lifestyle business. Relatively new in the industry, the MLM company was founded by three industry veterans in 2013: Jason Camper, Paul Gravette, and Justin Rouleau.

Le-Vel Products

There are five different products in the Thrive line, including:

  • Thrive For Men (multivitamins)
  • Thrive For Women (multivitamins)
  • The Lifestyle Mix protein shake for both men and women
  • The Lifestyle DFT skin patch that features Derma Fusion Technology for your body to quickly absorb the vitamins and nutrients. This technology helps send vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream as quickly as possible using the skin patch.
  • Black Label DFT, which is the latest product in the Thrive line that offers more than the usual DFT.

Le-Vel Business Opportunity

You will have to follow three easy steps to become part of the Le-Vel team:

Step 1: Enroll as a Brand Promoter

Step 2: Become qualified with 100 PV (at once or cumulative)

Step 3: Remain active with 100 PV every month (personal or customer orders)

There are two pay periods, as well:

  • Weekly: Lets you receive commissions for the sales you and your team make for the week
  • Monthly: Lets you receive commissions for the sales you and your team make every month.

Le-Vel Compensation plan

Le-Vel’s compensation plan is split into several categories:

Retail Sales

A brand promoter can earn 20 percent BV of his or her retail sales. He or she can also earn a percentage of the retail sales of his or her downline. The BV is 50 percent of the retail price, which means a brand promoter will get:

  • 10 percent of his or her retail sales
  • 6 percent from level one sales
  • 2 percent of level two sales
  • 2 percent of level three sales

Vanishing Autoship

Brand promoters can get free products every month when they enrol two clients in the autoship program. This program lets customers receive the same item/s they ordered every month on the fifth, 15th, or 25th, and can be cancelled anytime. Brand promoters can also receive a credit equivalent to the average of two highest autoship orders.

Infinity Fast Start

BPs can get bonuses from their downline when they opt to purchase one of these four upgrade packages:

  • Thrive Pack (priced at $100)
  • Starters Pack (priced at $200)
  • Promoters Pack (priced at $400)
  • VIP Pack (priced at $800)

Infinity Fast Start Match

You can receive a 10 percent match of the commissions from your enrolled promoters, but you need to have two active and qualified promoters.

Fast Start Match Accelerator

It is similar to the Infinity Fast Start Match, but with a chance to earn 20 percent match of the commissions instead of ten. You need to have eight active and qualified promoters, and achieve the 4K VIP rank and up.

GO VIP Bonuses

  • VIP 800: You will receive a $100 Thrive credit, $400 bonus, as well as fast start bonuses when you are active and qualified, have two autoship customers, and at least two brand promoters that availed an upgrade package.
  • VIP 1600: You will receive $100 Thrive credit, additional $400 bonus, and fast start bonuses when you are active and qualified, have four new autoship customers, and at least four promoters that availed an upgrade package.

Le-Vel iPad Mini Bonus

You can have an iPad Mini when you achieve 4,000 Qualifying Volume (QV) during your first month as a brand promoter.

Uni-Level Team Commissions

You can get up to eight percent PV in every placement tree level up to eight levels deep.

Team Commissions Matching Bonus

VIP Auto Bonus

You can get a monthly bonus of $800 a white or black Mercedes, Cadillac, BMW, or Lexus. However, you must be able to hit and maintain VIP12K and up.

Lifestyle Getaways

Achieve VIP 40K and up to receive incentive trips to different destinations in the United States, and overseas.

Waiting Room

A newly enrolled brand promoter will be placed in the waiting room for 60 days, allowing you to let other promoters handle them to help build your team.

Bottom line – Is Le-Vel a Scam?

Le-Vel is a legit multi-level marketing company. It is not a scam. In order to earn serious money, however, you must sponsor a lot of people. This business opportunity is definitely for people who have the right mindset and skill sets, but it will not hurt for a newbie to try.