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Dedicated Desk – The Advantages of a Familiar Environment

In an ever-changing business landscape, professionals are finding even more cost-effective ways to lease office space. The coworking space is one of the newer staples on the office leasing scene, and it provides businesses with the chance to save money. More significantly, the coworking space provides businesses with a chance to work while promoting business growth.

Within the coworking environment, professionals have the chance to rent both a hot desk and a dedicated desk. While much has been made of the benefits of the hot desk, dedicated desks provide professionals with a number of benefits. One of the reasons the dedicated desk is not as hyped up as hot desking relates to it not being the source of a lot of social interaction.

Let’s take a look at just some of the advantages of renting a dedicated desk and working in a familiar environment.


One of the major advantages of the dedicated desk is that it provides you with a lot of privacy in a place where everyone is privy to the work of others. This works especially for people whose work is sensitive, and privacy is very important. These desks prevent others from seeing your work on the computer or from even peering onto your desk to see important documents.

While these desks are somewhat more expensive, they provide professionals with the privacy to work. Doctors, lawyers, and anyone dealing with the public can work at one of these desks without worrying about divulging confidential or sensitive information to others. Furthermore, if you have to meet with clients, many coworking spaces will allow professionals to reserve space according to their plan.

Personalising Your Space

The great thing about having an office is that it provides you with the chance to apply your personal touch to the space. The same is true of the dedicated space. While you do not want a desk that is cluttered, being able to bring items into the space that brighten the space can be worth the expense.


The dedicated desk can provide you with a place to store some of the items that you need at the office. In contrast with a hot desk, which can be used by anyone, dedicated desks have spaces to store personal effects, so you do not have to carry your belongings back and forth from the office daily. In some cases, these desks provide a locked cabinet, so that you can store sensitive information in a safe place.


Some dedicated desk plans come with amenities that you would not find with hot desking. Phone lines and wired internet connections are two of the more frequent amenities you might find with the dedicated desk. These are just two of the major amenities that come with most dedicated desks, but depending on the outfit, there might be others.


Like the hot desk, the dedicated desk plan will allow you to pay on an as-needed basis. If you need to reserve a conference room, you can do so. With companies that operate internationally, renters can find they can use resources in other offices, and this is always convenient when needing to travel. For the most part, renting the dedicated desk prevents you from spending money on services or space you will not use.


The great thing about the dedicated desk is that it allows your business room to grow. If at some point in your contract you decide to move into bigger space, these contracts are shorter and can be modified based on your business’s needs. In essence, the dedicated desk provides your business with some flexibility.

Leasing Dedicated Workspace

Professionals who need a desk to work at do not have to forgo this amenity because of the cost. Standard office space is expensive, especially in Australia’s urban centres. What coworking has done for professionals working in any of the country’s cities is that it has provided a workspace that provides privacy and gives you the allusion of working in your own office.