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Getting Started with Data Entry from Home Jobs

data entry from home jobs

Working from home has many advantages over working for someone else in a regular job, and, these days, there is plenty of work available. On this page, we are going to look, in detail, at doing data entry from home.

This is a great job. It is something that practically anyone with a computer, a reasonable typing speed and a good internet connection can do. Here is a summary of why we feel this kind of work is such a good option.

Plenty of work available

If you know where to look there is plenty of work available. You will see jobs advertised on most of the job sites, and there are several agencies who specialise in this kind of work.

Easy to learn

Data entry work is not hard. If you can fill out a form, you can do this kind or work. However, you do need to be accurate and will need to learn how to type quite fast to get the most out of this kind of work.

A range of payment options

Most firms will pay you via Paypal, so not having a bank account is not a barrier to doing this type of work. Some firms also use prize draws to encourage there employees to do more work each week.

Flexible working hours

Importantly, most firms allow you to choose your working hours. This means that you can make the work fit around your family and lifestyle.


Now we are not saying that data entry work is gripping. If all you are doing is entering company details like the address and phone number into a database it will not be particularly interesting.

However, some firms offer more varied work for example blog commenting or entering details about a firm’s service into online directories. The variety of work on offer means that you will end up working with lots of different firms.

No start up costs

If you do this type of work using your existing PC and internet connection there are no start up costs. This is something you cannot say about most self-employed jobs.

Learn transferable skills

Working as a home based data entry clerk allows you to learn valuable new skills. These skills are transferable. Having them will make it easier to secure other ‘real world’ jobs especially admin and office based roles.

Work anywhere

If you want to you can do this job at the office during your lunch break or from your caravan or RV while you travel around Europe. When and where you work is 100% up to you.

Good pay

It is still possible to earn a good hourly rate within this industry. You just need to get fast enough and work for the right firms.

Data entry specialists with a proven track record find it easy to find work and can command good salaries. It is occasionally possible to find full-time, permanent positions complete with the usual benefits package.

As you can see there are many benefits to working at home as a data entry professional. You can find out more and find work in this area via this website. Please sign up for updates.