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PowerPoint Training Course Guide

Microsoft Powerpoint helps a lot of companies and individuals by helping them create a slide-based format that is very useful for seminars and business presentations. If you are presenting your home business opportunity to prospective customers or business partners, you need some assistance to figure out how to create a stellar PowerPoint presentation, check out some of the PowerPoint Training options below.

  1. New Horizons

New Horizons can teach you how to make a power point presentation in an exciting and concise format. They will help you create a captivating and professional slideshow. They will show you the new features, how to create presentations, organize and format, work with charts, tables and graphics, adding multimedia and integrating with the other Microsoft Office files.

  1. Microsoft Office Support

Microsoft Office Support shows you videos on how to create basic, advanced and expert power point presentations. You can join a webinar or you can just watch the tutorial videos that they provided.

  1. Webucator

Webucator will teach Microsoft PowerPoint in a group setting, in an online class or a self paced course. Their rate is $195 per course. You can choose whether you like o learn the 2010, 2013 or 2016 editions.

  1. Lynda

Lynda offers Powerpoint tutorials online. From beginner to advanced, they can cater to a wide variety of students.  As a bonus, once you register, you will also be able to learn the other courses available in their library.

  1. BrightCarbon

BrightCarbon offers advanced PowerPoint presentation training. They will teach you how to delight your audience by getting rid of bullet points and creating compelling presentations. They will show you how to pick the right contrast, colors and fonts for your display. They have a free and paid program. Their public Power Point training courses are priced at $575

  1. GFC Learn Free

This course offered by GFC will teach you how to create stunning presentations for free. Just choose what version you like and watch the videos that they provided.

  1. SkilledUp

Skilled up enumerates the best resources and tutorials that will help you become successful in your chosen field. They enumerated 40 sites and courses to help you from creating a perfect sales page to creating eye-catching presentations.

  1. GoSkills

GoSkills offers 34 lessons where users will learn the basic technique to navigate and create a PowerPoint Presentation. People who are on the intermediate and advanced level can also learn here. They charge $34 for a 1 month premium access and $299 for a 12 month premium access.

Creating a PowerPoint presentation will not be a problem at all because these online schools will help you from the beginner to the advanced level. Just pick what works best for you and your skills.